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Q: Have any soccer players died at soccer games?
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How does soccer players get their number?

Soccer players ussaly pick their own numbers... I have never heared any other way exept for the coach assighning the numbers to the players.

Is there any pictures of soccer players?

yea on google images

Does Alabama have any pro soccer players?

Nope; not currently.

Are there any famous soccer players from Oklahoma?

yea there are meany

How many starter soccer players on a soccer team?

There are 11 players in a football team for each side on the pitch at any one time.

Do soccer players have to be catholic?

No, soccer is a sport, not a faith. You don't have to belong to any faith to play.

The biggest salaries in sports?

formula 1 drivers, baseball players, basketball players, and soccer players in no particular order but i know that soccer players get the most incentives in contracts of any sport

Do any of the Xbox FIFA soccer games include retro players like Pele etc?

Fifa World Cup 2006 ... but not Pele :(

Is there any Famous soccer players with number 69?

Ricarrdo Meggiorini

Do professional soccer players take drugs?

Yes, just like in any sport, there are soccer players that take drugs, both legal and illegal ones.

Are there any famous soccer players with asthma?

does Hugo Sanchez still have asthma

Are there any sports teams that require ten players?

soccer requires 10

Can soccer players come to your birthday?

If you have the right connections or are acquainted with any of them, then of course. Why not.

Are Catholic soccer players better than non Catholic soccer players?

That has nothing to do with anything. Soccer is a game for everyone on this planet and is one of the few things left in the world that isn't tainted by any religion.

What kind of sports bag is best for soccer players?

A Nike backpack would work well for any soccer player.

How much do girl soccer players get paid?

women athletes do not get paid, for any sport.

Any Christian soccer players?

kaka, lucio, falcao are all evangelical christians

Can all players score in soccer or just forwards?

Any player-even the goalie

Did any famous soccer players wear the number 12?

Hulk (FC Porto)

Where can you get scouted for soccer?

you can get scouted anywhere it only takes someone to come to a soccer match to see if any players have good potentials

How much do FIFA soccer players make?

Soccer players are like any other athletes. Their pay depends on how good of a player they are, what club they play for, and how much money that club actually has to pay him.

What games are played in central Africa?

soccer ( football in Africa ) and any feet games

Are there any soccer pro players or goal keepers that have been caught smoking?

katlego mphela

Could you name any Black Irish soccer players in the 1990's?

Paul McGrath

How many players take part in a soccer match at any given time?

11 or more