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Q: Have any famous people represented Britain in the winter olympic sport curling?
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What is a famous olympic athete for the sport curling?

Some famous names are Kevin Martin and Russ Howard of Canada

A famous athletes name that does curling?

Kevin martin

Why is Harold abrahams famous?

He won a Gold medal for Great Britain at the 1924 Summer Olympic Games in the 100 Meter Dash.

What sports were famous in the 1850s?

Curling and snowboarding. Internationally? Cricket.

What sports is Switzerland famous for?

Mainly winter sports ... they have won their most Olympic medals in alpine skiing, bobsleigh, and snowboarding.

what famous celebrity plays in curling?

Jennifer Jones

What equipment is used in the sport of curling famous in Scotland?

Ice ,stones and brushes.

Who are some famous and successful athletes that have represented Australia Swimming Olympics?

ian thorpe was a wold class swimming champion who was in the mens relay team and is gold medalist in some olympic events

Is there any famous immigrants in Britain?

no there isnt any famous immigrants in britain

Who is britain's most famous gymnast?

One of the most commonly known and successful gymnast representing Great Britain at the 2012 Olympic Games is Beth Tweddle.

Why was carl Lewis famous?

He became famous when he won 4 gold medals at the 1984 Olympic games.

Why are the Olympic rings so famous?

ghjkfyuifyujgyuyui78kiyui78iiuiyuiyuiyuuyuiyu why do the olympic rings never changes colour