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Yes, Fernando Nelson, a right back for Portugal at Euro 96, has played for Aston Villa.

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Q: Have any Portuguese players played for Aston villa?
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The following players have played for Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur ;Darren BentKyle Walker ( Had a loan spell at Aston Villa )Jermaine Jenas ( Had a loan spell at Aston Villa )Alan Hutton

Which Players that have played for Aston Villa Wolves and West Bromwich?

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Dwight Yorke, Ronny Johnsen,

What two players with same name played for Aston Villa?

Luke Moore and Stefan Moore - brothers

Which football club has produced the most England players and how many?

Aston Villa top the list, and by some distance, with 71 players having been capped for England while playing for The Villa. The latest two players were Darren Bent, number 70 and Stuart Downing, number 71.

What are the Aston villa players names?

follow me on twitter @StoryOf_Devonte

Have Hearts ever played Aston Villa?

Scottish club Heart of Midlothian have never played Aston Villa in a competitive fixture.

Which football club has provided England with the most players?

Aston Villa

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It was James Milner of Aston villa.

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