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Q: Have and old wards western field 22 single shot 22 with 4 different sights on the barrel and need to replace the sights where do you fine them?
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What are the three major components of a handgun?

frame, barrel, sights

What are the names of parts of a barrel?

A barrel does not have parts per se. You can have sights (front and rear) on a barrel, but the barrel is usually one piece, sometimes two.

Name the parts of a rifle?

Receiver, stock, barrel, sights

What are the five parts of a gun?

action, barrel, trigger,sights, hammer

What is the difference between a tactical shotgun and regular shotgun?

Typically shorter barrel, different sights, larger magazine capacity. And black or dark gray in color.

What 4 parts make up the pistol?

frame, barrel, sights, grips

How do you remove the front sights on a 1187 slug barrel?

Best left to a gunsmith

What are the different sights on a pistol?

Fixed sights, adjustable sights, target sight, night sights, 3 dot sights, telescopic sights, red dot sighs, lasers, etc.

Hawthorne warrior model M-820B22 LRHow can you find parts for it nobody seems to know?

Your Hawthorne Warrior M820B is in fact a Mossberg model 340, of which there were various designs. A lot of the parts are available through But, be careful, and ask a lot of question when ordering parts. A lot of the parts are not a direct fit. I have a Mossberg 340KA, and had to replace the barrel. I ended up with a barrel from a Hawthorne M820B. The sights on the Mossberg barrel were dovetail mounted, and the sights on the M820B barrel are mounted with screws. That's just an example. This will get you started in the right direction.

What is a vent rib barrel?

Shotgun barrel that has a raised rail (rib) that runs the length of it. Here is an auction site with pictures of a shotgun with vent rib barrel. on a firearm it is a raised bar above the barrell

How much is a Smith and Wesson model 19-2revolverwith a 6 barrel with target sights and hammer worth?

A Smithh and Wesson model 19-2 revolver with a 6 barrel with Target sights and hammer can range in price from $50.00 to over $200.00.

What is the value of a ruger 22 cal long rifle pistol serial 16 92004?

Will depend on the exact model, barrel, sights, and condition. A well used Standard Automatic with basic barrel and sights might sell for $100, a higher end Mk II with extended heavy fluted bbl and target sights $350.