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Your having a laugh .

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Q: Have Plymouth argyle ever been in premiership?
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What songs are played at Plymouth argyle?

The main song played at home park is the plymouth argyle fc song it goes... and its plymouth argyle (CLAP 3 TIMES) plymouth argyle fc there by far the greatest team the world has ever seen ( repeat 3 times)

Who is Plymouth argyle youngest ever goalscorer?

Darren bastow

Have Grimsby ever won the Premiership?

Grimsby have never been in the Premiership since its inception, never mind win it.

Has Newcastle ever been relegated from the premireship?

No They have not been relageted from the Premireship they have been relagated from the premiership.

Will Liverpool ever win the Premiership?

yes, yes that will

Will they ever make an AFL premiership 2009 on PC?


Will the old firm ever play in English premiership?


Who has has the best ever start to a premiership season?


Who won the fist ever FA Premiership and when?

Hereford united.

Who is the oldest player to ever score on their premiership debut?

The oldest player to ever score on the premiership debut would be at the age of 43. The name of the 43 year old is Vic Cumberland.

Fastest strikers in premiership ever?

obafemi martins aplayer of Newcastle

As Liverpool ever won the premiership title?

yes a few times