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They have never been relegated from the premier league ever since it started in 1992.

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Q: Have Manchester United ever been relegated?
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Has Manchester city ever been relegated?


Was Manchester United ever relegated from Division 1 League If yes when?


Has Manchester United FC ever been relegated?

Yes most recently in 1974.They were promoted back the following season as second division champions.They have also been relegated in 1936/37 season....

Was Manchester United ever relegated from Premier League If yes when?

Manchester were never relegated from the premier league as it was formed in 1991. However they were relegated from the old 1st division in 1894, 1922, 1931, 1937 and 1974.

Has Manchester united ever been relegated from premiership?

no as the Barclays premier league has been around for only a few years another kirky update dudesss ;)

Which teams have always been in the premiership?

It is Arsenal they have never been relegated ever. Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Everton Liverpool Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur

Have Manchester United ever been relagated?

Yes they have. The most recent time was in 1974 from the Old Division one to division two. The goal that relegated them was scored by Denis Law who had moved the summer before to Manchester City.

Has Barcelona ever been relegated?

No they haven't been relegated

Has Liverpool ever been relegated from the premiership?

No it has never been relegated.

Has Michael Carrick ever been Captain of Manchester United?

No Michael carrick has jnot been captain of Manchester United yet.

Have Man United ever been relegated?

no way there the best team in the world no one can beet them go on UNITED

Has Arsenal ever been relegated?

Arsenal have been Relegated, but not since 1919!

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