Have Liverpool been relagated

Updated: 10/22/2022
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They are a bit in a free fall, got to wait for the season, Manager, coach signing etc, no leadership, probably yes.

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Q: Have Liverpool been relagated
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Will Liverpool be relagated in 2010?

This is so rediculos I really think that this is being hyped up and Liverpool will get lifted from the relegation zone soon

Will Portsmouth get relagated?

well, they have already been relagated last yeat and from the rate they are playing at the moment, yes they probably will

How Many Times Have Arsenal Been Relagated?

0 times

Has Newcastle ever been relegated from the premireship?

No They have not been relageted from the Premireship they have been relagated from the premiership.

How many times have everton been relagated?

twice 1930 -31 season and 1950 -51

Which player has been relagated from the premier league the most times?

West Brom id imagine?

Which clubs never got relagated in england?

The club with the longest run in the top flight is Arsenal.They haven't been relegated from the top flight since 1919. Second is Everton & Third is Liverpool. The teams not relegated from the Premiership ever are Man Utd,Liverpool,Everton,Arsenal,Aston Villa & Tottenham.The Premiership has only been im existence since 1992. Inter MIlan in Italy have never been relegated from the top flight.Nantes in France.

Has man utd ever been relegated?

Yes they have. The most recent time was in 1974 from the Old Division one to division two. The goal that relegated them was scored by Denis Law who had moved the summer before to Manchester City.

Who did kanu get relagated with?

As he is in Porthsmouth he will get relegated at the end of the season.

How many teams have never left top flight English football?

1 Aston villa all the others have been relagated at some point

Has Hayley Williams Been To Liverpool England?

Yes, paramore have played in liverpool.

Has there always been a team from Liverpool in the top flight?

Yes Liverpool was also relegated.