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Chelsea were relegated from the Football League First Division in the 1987-88 season, finishing in eighteenth place, and were promoted from the Second Division in the 1988-89 season, finishing 17 points clear at the top of the Second Division table.

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Q: Have Chelsea ever been relegated from the top division?
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Has Chelsea fc ever been relegated?

they have been relegated before the change of English top division football.they never been relegated in premier league...

Has Chelsea ever been relegated?

Chelsea have been relegated from 1900-2009 because they are a horrible team and are cheats.

Has Chelsea ever been relegated from the premiership?

Yes. Only Arsenal have never been relegated.

When was arsenal relegated and what division was that and which year?

Arsenal are a club that has never been relegated ever.

Have Aston villa ever been relegated?

Yes they have been relegated from the top flight and even to the third division. They were relegated in 1936, 1959, 1967, 1969,1987 (to the Third Division) and in 2015 to the Football League Championship.

Has Liverpool ever been relegated?

Yes, when Liverpool was founded they started as a division 2 team, but made it to division 1 after their success. They where relegated again in 1954.

Has arsenal ever been relegated in English football?

Yes, way back in 1912-13 season when they were relegated to the then Fourth Division (what is now League Two). They have never been relegated since then.

Have everton fc ever been relegated?

Yes in 1930 - 31 season they were relegated to the old second division and again in 1950 -51 but never relegated from the premier league

Have Arsenal Football club ever been relegated from the English Premier league?

Arsenal FC have never been relegated from the Premier League but were relegated to the then Fourth Division (modern League Two) in 1913.

Has Barcelona ever been relegated?

No they haven't been relegated

Has Liverpool ever been relegated from the premiership?

No it has never been relegated.

Has Arsenal ever been relegated?

Arsenal have been Relegated, but not since 1919!

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