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Only twice in history:

1) 1994 - Alabama was 10-0-0 and Auburn was 8-0-1. Alabama defeated Auburn 21-14.

2) 1971 - Alabama was 10-0-0 and Auburn was 9-0-0. Alabama defeated Auburn 31-7.

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Q: Have Auburn and Alabama both been undefeated when they played each other?
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How many times have Alabama and Penn State versed each other in college football and who has the most wins?

Through the 2008 season, Alabama and Penn State have met 13 times with Alabama leading the series, 8-5. Their last meeting was in 1990 and was the end of a 10 season stretch where the two teams played each other every season.Alabama and Penn State are schedule to meet again in the 2010 and 2011 regular season.

How many national championships does Alabama gymnastics have?

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide lay claim to thirteen national championships. must have been answered by an auburn fan LOL Before 1998 all national championships were voted on by the different media sources. If there was a disagreement with the media then there was more than one national champion, look through the record books and you will see many disputes. The NCAA credits Alabama with 4 additional national championships that they however do not claim. Before 1998 they were claimed and credited, so argue about it all day but 13 is the number and it won't go down. Just wiki Alabama Crimson Tide and read it lists all the championship years and records along with the 4 other ones.

Name two states that border Alabama?

Georgia and Mississippi. The other two are Florida and Tennessee.

In 1819 the US acquired territory from Spain that became Florida and parts of what three other states?

Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

Why did Alabama leave the union?

Alabama seceded from the Union in 1861 on January 11th because Alabama was one of the states where it was allowed to hold slaves and the other states wouldn't allow it so Alabama wanted to be part of the CSA so they could hold slaves so they seceded from the USA. krL(:

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Why is the Auburn Alabama football rivalry so intense?

There is no other major sports teams to cheer for. Bama and Auburn is all there is.

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Where did Auburn University get their mascot name come from?

Upon entering college in1949 everyone called the college Auburn. It was just too much to say Alabama Polytechnic Institute or even write it on a check. Besides just spelling Polytechnic was a chore so if the official name was used at all it was shortened to API. At that time, it was as if the city of Auburn was named after the school. At football games the cheer leaders would lead with the yell: AU -- BU -- RN and the stadium would join in Auburn, Auburn, Auburn. There was only one college at the time. That other school was called a University.

Who is the university of Florida rival?

The University of Alabama's biggest rival is Auburn University. They play each other every year in a game titled the "Iron Bowl".

Bear Bryant first sec lost at home?

1) Bryant was head coach of the University of Kentucky between 1946-1953. His first SEC loss at Lexington was November 1, 1947 against Alabama, 13-0. 2) Bryant was head coach of the University of Alabama between 1958-1982. His first SEC loss at home was November 29, 1958 to Auburn, 14-8, in Birmingham. Removing the Auburn games from the mix, since those games at the time were all played in Birmingham and Auburn would play at least one home game in Birmingham each year, the first SEC team he lost to other than Auburn at home was Florida on October 6, 1963 by the score of 10-6. That game was played in Tuscaloosa.

How many caampuses does auburn have?

Auburn University has two campuses. One is located in Auburn and the other is in Montgomery.

Did the University of Alabama play University of Alabama at Birmingham?

In Baseball and Basketball UA and UAB have played each other

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Thomas Coombe has written: 'The peasant of Auburn and other poems' 'The peasant of Auburn' 'The peasant of Auburn, or, The emigrant'

How many times have South Carolina and Auburn University played against each other in football?

Prior to the 2010 SEC Championship Game matchup between the two teams, they have met 9 times with Auburn leading the series 7-1-1. The two teams met earlier in the 2010 season with Auburn winning, 35-27, at Auburn in September.

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Auburn Tennessee did not play each other in 2012

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