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Q: Have Aston Villa always played in claret and blue?
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What year did Aston Villa they start wearing blue and red?

The first full claret-and-blue kit was worn by Aston Villa between 1887 and 1890 - the kit consisted of claret and blue squares.

How many players have played for Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur?

The following players have played for Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur ;Darren BentKyle Walker ( Had a loan spell at Aston Villa )Jermaine Jenas ( Had a loan spell at Aston Villa )Alan Hutton

Have Hearts ever played Aston Villa?

Scottish club Heart of Midlothian have never played Aston Villa in a competitive fixture.

What football teams wear claret and blue?

Aston Villa were the first. They started to wear claret & blue from 1887. Aston Villa were one of the dozen teams that competed in the inaugural Football League in 1888 with one of the club's directors, William McGregor being the league's founder. According to West Ham's club historian, John Helliar, on 14th September, 1901, West Ham "took to the field wearing their new colours of light blue jerseys, with a claret band, and white knickers with a red stripe." Later in 1911 Burnley's committee decided to drop the supposedly unlucky green shirts in favour of the claret and blue associated with the famous Aston Villa.

What was Aston villa's old stadium called?

It has always been Villa Park

What is the piece of music Aston Villa play when the players are coming out of the tunnel?

there is 2 martin O'Neils claret and blue army and we love you villa we do i know that because I'm a villa fan and i asked my daddy

Have any Portuguese players played for Aston villa?

Yes, Fernando Nelson, a right back for Portugal at Euro 96, has played for Aston Villa.

Has anybody named moy played for Aston villa?


Who played for Norwich Blackburn Chelsea Celtic Birmingham Aston Villa?

Chris Sutton he retired after injuring his eyesight playing for Aston villa

Belguim player who played for Aston villa?

Luc Nilis.

Who is better manu or Aston villa?

Definitely Aston Villa

Who have stoke city recently played?

Stoke city have played Aston villa.