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Q: Has there ever been an overtime NFL playoff game decided by a safety?
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Have any NFC or AFC championship games been decided in overtime?

None of the AFC or NFC Championship games have ever been decided in an overtime period.

Has there ever been a time that overtime was not used in pro football?

Overtime was implemented in the 1974 season for regular season games. Before that there was no overtime to break a tie in a regular season game. Of course, playoff games have always had overtime.

Was there ever a scoreless tie in an NFL playoff game?

No. There have been many playoff games that went into overtime but none of them were scoreless. The lowest scoring playoff game in NFL history was in 1970 between the Lions and the Cowboys with the Cowboys winning 5-0.

Was there ever been an NFL game that went to the second overtime?

There have been three of note - the 1971 playoff game won by the Miami Dolphins over the Kansas City Chiefs, the 1986 playoff game won by the Cleveland Browns over the New York Jets, and the 2003 playoff game won by the Carolina Panthers over the St. Louis Rams.

Has there ever been a Super Bowl game that has ended in a tie?

No. A Super Bowl would always be decided by overtime procedures. Football games can never end in a tie. If by the end of the fourth quarter they are tied, then they go into overtime.

What was the second NFL championship game to go into overtime?

Through Super Bowl XLVI, there has been only one NFL championship game to go into overtime. That was in 1958 when the Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants 23-17. Since then there have been many wild card, division, and conference championship playoff games that went to overtime but only one NFL championship game.

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How many Super Bowls have gone to extra time?

There has never been a Super Bowl game decided in overtime. Some games have been won on field goals in the final seconds of regulation, however.

Have been decided or has been decided?

It has been decided....

How many playoff games have the chiefs been in?

Playoff record 9-17 (26)

Was there an overtime NFL game been decided with a safety?

According to ESPN, it has happened twice. The first was in 1989. The Minnesota Vikings beat the Los Angeles Rams 23-21 when Mike Merriweather blocked Dale Hatcher's punt and the ball rolled out of the end zone. The second time was in 2004. Alex Brown (Chicago Bears) sacked Billy Volek (Tennessee Titans) in the end zone and knocked the ball loose. Tennessee tackle Fred Miller recovered the ball, but was tackled by Adewale Ogunleye for a safety to give the Bears a 19-17 overtime win over the Titans.

How many playoff games have the Cleveland Browns played?

The Browns have been in 36 playoff games.

What Super Bowls have gone into overtime?

There has never been a Super Bowl that went into overtime.

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Has been decided sounds better :)

How many Super Bowl games have went into overtime?

There has never been a Super Bowl that went into overtime.

How many Yankee playoff games since 1996?

Since 10-22-09 there has been 130 playoff games.

Has there been a comeback from a 3-0 playoff series?


Has the Cosco company ever been sued by an employee?

Costco has been sued by its employees in the past. In 2012, a former employee of Costco sued the company for unlawful dismissal and unpaid overtime after being fired when he tried to organize other employees to bring attention to safety concerns.

What is the average Number of NCAA overtime games played in a season?

Since the NCAA instituted overtime in 1997 through 2008 there have been 213 games that have gone into overtime which is an average of 17.75 games a year.

When is the last time the 9ers been to a playoff game?


Has there ever been a doubleheader in mlb playoff history?


Has there ever been a game winning safety?

There have been two overtime games in the NFL that were won with a safety: 1) November 14, 2004 - Tennessee Titans OL Fred Miller was tackled in the end zone, after recovering his team's fumble, for a safety to give the Chicago Bears a 19-17 win. 2) November 5, 1989 - Los Angeles Rams punter Dale Hatcher had a punt blocked that went through the end zone for a safety to give the Minnesota Vikings a 23-21 win.

How many playoff games have the New England Patriots been in?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the Patriots have played 31 playoff games and their record is 19-12.