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As near as I can tell from eye-balling/cross referencing a couple of websites, there has never been a situation where the team with the MVP on its roster did not make the playoffs.

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Q: Has there ever been an nba mvp who did not play in the playoffs?
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Did a player ever win the Conn Smythe and not qualify for the playoffs?

the conn smythe trophy is given to the MVP of the playoffs. so, in order to win the conn smythe, a player has to be on a team that is in the playoffs.

Can an athlete win an MVP in his sport if his team does not make the playoffs?

of course, If the player that is chosen did not make the playoffs, he will win the MVP award.

How many NFL playoffs wins did Joe Montana have?

In Regular Season he had 2 mvp"s. he had win 4 super bowls and he had been 3 times mvp in a super bowl

Who won MVP of the 2000 NBA playoffs?


Has Dwyane Wade ever been an mvp?

Kobe Bryant will be accepting his first MVP this 2008 season.

What cornerback has ever been name super bowl mvp?

darrell green

Was john paxon ever an MVP?

If you play on the same team as Michael Jordan in his prime, you won't be MVP. It's possible but the odds are definitely against John Paxon.

2007-2008 NBA playoffs mvp?

Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics was the Finals MVP. There's no such thing as "playoff MVP".

MVP player for Super Bowl 2010?

Drew Brees, the best QB to ever play football!

Only one cornerback has ever been named Super Bowl MVP Who is it?

Larry Brown

Who has won mvp of the regular season all star and the playoffs in the same season?

Kobe Bryant.

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