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Yes, but only one, in 1943.

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Q: Has there ever been a scoreless football game in the history of the NFL?
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What is the lowest scoring football game ever?

There have been several 0-0 ties in football history. Notre Dame and Army played to a 0-0 tie in 1946. The last scoreless tie in the NFL was on November 7, 1943 between the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions. The Chicago Cardinals and the Chicago Bears played to a scoreless tie in an NFL game on November 26, 1925. =============================================================================== There has never been a scoreless tie in the Canadian Football League.

Were there any scoreless football games ever played?

Yes, there have been many scoreless ties. The last one in the NFL was between the Lions and Giants in 1943. The last one in college football was between Oregon and Oregon State in 1983.

Has there ever been a scoreless rugby game?

England v Scotland 1886

Was there ever a scoreless tie in an NFL playoff game?

No. There have been many playoff games that went into overtime but none of them were scoreless. The lowest scoring playoff game in NFL history was in 1970 between the Lions and the Cowboys with the Cowboys winning 5-0.

Has there ever been a scoreless NFL game?

In 1978 the oilers and the browns tied 0-0 in the afc championship

What football teams have never been relegated?

Both Inter Milan and Arsenal have never ever been relegated in their history.

Was there ever a scoreless tie in an NHL playoff game?


Has Chelsea ever gone on relegation in the history of football?

Not at all

Who scored the furthest goal ever in football history?

Paul Robinson

Who is the best ever strong safety in football history?

troy polamalu

History of shoes?

the history of shoes is that they have been around for ever

Has there ever been a 4 - 3 football game?

no there has not

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