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Q: Has there ever been a nfl game that has o score that had to go into overtime just to score?
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Was there ever an NFL game that went into overtime with the score of 0 0?

Patriots vs stelers

Has there ever been an overtime NFL playoff game decided by a safety?


Has there ever been an overtime goal in game 7 of the Stanley cup final?


What if the1st score in nfl playoffs overtime is a safety?

The game is over.

What is the period called when the score is tied at the end of a basketball game?


What is the highest recorded score for a basketball game?

the nba's highest scoring game ever was the 184-186 Detroit vs denver game, Detroit able to get the win in triple overtime!!!!!!!!!!!

Was there ever been a zero score college football game?


What is the highest score on the helicopter game?

The helicopter game is a popular flash game. The highest score that has ever been recorded on the game is 8,474 as of July 2014.

What happens if the score is tied at the end of a basketball game?

the game goes to a 5 minute overtime

Has there ever been a time that overtime was not used in pro football?

Overtime was implemented in the 1974 season for regular season games. Before that there was no overtime to break a tie in a regular season game. Of course, playoff games have always had overtime.

In soccer if the score is still tied after overtime is a shoot out played?

In accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game "Kicks from the Penalty Mark" is a sanctioned method of determining the winner of a match after overtime periods have been played.

Is NFL overtime sudden death?

yes it is the first team to score wins the game

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