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No, the playoffs are designed so that the three division winners in each league are automatically in the playoffs. A wild card team in each league makes the playoffs with the best record among non-division winners.

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Q: Has there ever been 3 mlb teams from the same division to get to the playoffs?
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How many 0-6 NFL teams have made the playoffs?

None. The worst start ever overcome to make the playoffs was the San Diego chargers who overcame an 0-4 start to win their division.

Have the Bengals ever been undefeated in their division?

They were in the 2009 season if you mean have they ever beat the three teams in their division twice.

Has there ever been three teams in the NFL playoffs that were quarterbacked by the same person over the previous three years?


How do you get to the NFL playoffs?

wild cards:to get in to the playoffs (in your conf.) you have to be in at least 6th place to make the playoffs in your conf. div.:in order to make the divisional playoffs you must be one of the 4 teams in your conf. to win a division (like the AFC WEST) of the 4 teams that won the div. in the conf. who ever has the 2 best records of those 4 make it to the div. which means they get a bye week in 1 week of the playoffs and who ever wins a wild card game that happens to be in there division they play them to get to the championship for there conf. champ:of the to final teams in the conf. playoffs faces off for the AFC OR NFC title and who ever wins those faces off for the super bowl (NFC CHAMP VS AFC CHAMP) Ticketmaster, Ticket Shack & Stub Hub

Have all 4 teams advancing ever won the first 3 games in a best of 5 in Major League Baseball playoffs?

As of the start of the 2007 playoffs, no. The most 'sweeps' in the first round of the playoffs has been two and that has happened many times. But never have three teams swept in the first round of the MLB playoffs much less all four teams.

Can NFL team have a losing record and make the playoff?

Yes. Six teams from each conference make the playoffs, the four division winners and the two teams with the best won/loss record that did not win their division. If a division winner's record is less than .500 they still make the playoffs. If the record of one of the two teams with the best record that did not win their division is less than .500, they still make the playoffs. Only three teams with losing records have ever made the NFL playoffs: The Browns and Lions both entered the 1982 playoffs with 4-5 records. (The season was shortened by a players' strike.) In 2010 the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record, becoming the first NFL team to make the playoffs with a losing record in a full season.

Did any teams ever go undefeated in the NHL playoffs?

back when there were only six teams and you only had to win eight games in the playoffs--I'm sure someone did it.

Have 3 teams from the same division ever made the NFL playoffs?

Yes. In 2006, The Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants all made the playoffs from the NFC East. Also, in 2011, the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals made the playoffs from the AFC North.Actually in 1994 when there were only 3 divisions 4 teams from the NFC Central made the playoffs, Minnesota 3 Green Bay 4 Detroit 5 and Chicago 6

Have any 1-4 teams ever made the nfl playoffs?

San diego

Have the Lions ever been in the playoffs?


What NBA team swept the playoffs?

No team has ever been 16-0 in playoffs.

Has an NFL team ever went undefeated in it's division yet fail to make the playoffs?

Yes. The only team in the NFL to ever go undefeated and untied in division play without making the playoffs was the 2010 Oakland Raiders, who finished the year third in the AFC West division (and out of the playoffs) at 8-8-0, despite going 6-0-0 in division play.

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