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Yes, but rarely. Only goalies and defenders never score during their time as professional soccer players but defenders have eradicated that factor as defenders have scored some of the beautiful goals ever scored. Goalies have scored some goals through set-pieces.

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Q: Has there been a professional soccer player that never scored a goal?
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An English soccer player that scored 100 goals in the premiership and never got an English cap?

Luis Nani and it was 98 not 100

Who was the arsenal player that never scored?

Messi is My favorite player from arsenal... But he has never scored a goal for arsenal

Did johncena use to be a soccer player?

NO. While John Cena is a big soccer fan and supporter, he never really played soccer at the professional level. He may have played at lower levels.

Are you counted as a amateur soccer player If you have been played in National team but have never been played in professional level?

Amateur, literally, is when you aren't paid. If you're getting paid to play soccer, then you're a professional. If you're not, then you're an amateur.

Which soccer coach never played professional soccer?

American Bob Bradley and Brazilian Carlos Alberto Parreira

Which player has scored over 100 premiership goals and has never scored a penalty?

Emile Heskey

Did a player called never score in fa cup final?

no player called never has played in a cup final

Who has scored hat-tricks in European cup finals?

Puskas, Di Stefano, and Pierino Prati are the only three players to have scored hat-tricks in the European cup finals. A hat-trick in soccer is when three consecutive goals are scored by one player.

Who is a better soccer player Diego maradona or Pele?

It is Pele by miles, Pele has scored over a thousand goals, and never took drugs like maradona. Mararadona was thrown out of the 1994 world cup by F.I.f.A.

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abubakor in 6r

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