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Yes, New Orleans is under mandatory evacuation.

There is no "shelter of last resort" as there was with Katrina (Superdome). They have basically said that if you stay, you are on your own.

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Q: Has there been a government order to evacuate New Orleans due to Hurricane Gustav?
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What are the emergency evacuation procedures towards hurricane Gustav?

to evacuate completely!

Where is Hurricane Gustav heading?

Towards Louisiana.... they are evacuating New Orleans.

Where is Hurricane Gustav predicted to be on Sunday?

Right around the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, approaching New Orleans. It should strike New Orleans around Monday or Tuesday.

Has Hurricane Gustav made landfall?

Hurricane Gustav made landfall near New Orleans, Louisiana in the early morning of September 1, 2008. It initially struck as a Category 3 storm but due to its interaction with land was downgraded to a Category 2.

What was the exact date hurricane Gustav hit Mississippi?

Hurricane Gustav hit Mississippi on the 21st of September

How much damage did hurricane Gustav cause?

Hurricane Gustav happened in 2008. The hurricane cause approximately 6.6 billion dollars. There were 112 deaths due to the hurricane.

Where is hurricane Gustav now?

Hurricane Gustav is a hurricane that occurred in 2008. It was the second most destructive hurricane of that particular Atlantic hurricane season. The name Gustav has been retired from use, meaning it will never be used to name another storm. That name was replaced by Gonzalo.

Was Gustav a category 5 hurricane?

No. Gustav was a Category 4 hurricane that fell just short of category 5 intensity.

When did hurricane Gustav form?

Hurricane Gustav formed on August 25, 2008 and dissipated on September 7, 2008. The hurricane was responsible for over $6 billion in damages.

How Many Years Were There between hurricane katrina and hurricane Gustav?


Where did Hurricane Gustavia start?

You are probably thinking of Hurricane Gustav, which it Louisiana.

Is Hurricane Gustav bigger than Hurricane Katrina?

No, it is not. Gustav is smaller in both size and hurricane strength than Katrina. Katrina's strength actually reached the Category 5 level whereas Gustav reached only a Category 4.