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Yes, in 1978 Harvey Martin (Defensive End) and Randy White (Defensive Tackle) of the Dallas Cowboys were named Super Bowl XII Co-MVP's.

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Dallas LB Chuck Howley, Super Bowl V

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Q: Has there been a Super Bowl loser named MVP?
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Only one cornerback has ever been named Super Bowl MVP Who is it?

Larry Brown

Who was the first defensive back to win the Super Bowl MVP?

That was Jake Scott of the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VII. Two other DBs have been named Super Bowl MVP .... Larry Brown of the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX and Dexter Jackson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII.

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Who has been named Super Bowl MVP the most times in NFL history?

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Who cheated in the Super Bowl?

No team has ever been accused of, or found to have been cheating in a Super Bowl.

Has the Super Bowl always been played on Sunday?

Yes. The 2008 Super Bowl is the 42nd Super Bowl played and all 42 will have been played on a Sunday.

Has the Super Bowl been played in the afternoon?

No. February 7, 2010, the date of Super Bowl XLIV, is the latest a Super Bowl has been played. Before Super Bowl XLIV, the latest a Super Bowl had been played was February 6 (Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005).

How many 2 point conversions have been made in the Super Bowl?

There have been 6 2 point conversions that have been made in the Super Bowl. There have also been 7 safeties made in the Super Bowl.

What Super Bowl were no interceptions thrown?

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Who has been named MVP in a previous Super Bowl?

Most Recently: Eli Manning QB (New York Giants).