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Q: Has the university of Utah ever won a football national championship?
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How many college football national championships has University of Utah won?


Did the 2008 Utah Utes football team get National Championship rings?

No, they ended at #2 in the final BCS standings and were not national champions since they did not play in the BCS Championship game. They did win the Mountain West championship trophy, but no ring

How many championship games has University of Utah played in?

One (1) and that was in 1944 when they beat Dartmouth 42-40 for the National Title.

What division is southern Utah university football?

souther Utah is a division 1-AA football school

Who won the NCAA college basketball national championship in 1944?


Last time Kentucky won NCAA championship?

The University of Kentucky defeated UTAH in 1998 to secure its 7th and last national title in basketball

Which football does the University of Utah use?

Wilson 1005

Football teams beginnning with the letter U?

The Utah Utes is a football team from the University of Utah. They begin with the letter U.

What was the University of Utah's first football opponent?

The University of Utah's first opponent was Utah State on November 25, 1892 in Logan. Utah State won 12-0.

What brand of football helmet does the University of Utah use?


What college football team known as The U?

The University of Utah

What football team starts with the letter U?

There are no professional football teams in North America that start with the letter U. However there are several college football teams that start with the letter U including University of Alabama At Birmingham (UAB), University of Central Florida (UCF), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC), University of Utah (Utah), Utah State University (Utah State), and University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

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