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No. The school has won 17 National championships combined, but 0 for football.

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Q: Has the university of Oregon ever won a national championship?
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Has Mississippi State University ever won a national championship?

No they haven't one a national championship

Has duke university ever won a national championship in football?


Has the university of Missouri ever won a football national championship?


Has the university of Utah ever won a football national championship?


Has Stanford university ever won a football national championship?


Has the University of Maine football team ever won a National Championship?

The Maine Bears have never won a National Championship in football.

Has Colorado State University ever won a national football championship?


Has Butler ever been to a national championship?

Butler University will play in its first NCAA basketball championship on April 5, 2010 against Duke University.

Did the badgers ever win national championship?

According to the College Football Data Warehouse, the University of Wisconsin Badgers football team has not yet won a national championship.

Has the University of Missouri ever won an athletic championship?

If you mean a national championship, the University of Missouri has won one in baseball, one in indoor track and field, and four in wrestling.

Has Florida ever won a national championship in baseball?

yes.... the University of Miami has won 4 national championships in baseball

Has university of Idaho ever won a national championship?

1981 NCAA dividion 1-AA

Has the University of Kentucky ever had an undefeated basketball season and win the NCAA national championship?

No, but we are the first with 2000 wins!

Has University of Louisville ever won national championship in basketball?

1980, 1986 -- Denny Crum, head coach

Has Ohio State University ever played Florida Gators in football?

Yes, Ohio State played the University of Florida in the 2006 National Championship game. Losing 41-14.

Did duquense university in Pittsburgh ever win a national championship in football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Duquense has not won a consensus national championship, however, in 1941 they were named national champions by Massey Ratings system. They went 8-0 that season.

Has university of Oklahoma ever won a national championship?

Yes, Oklahoma (7) 1950, 1955, 1956, 1974, 1975, 1985, 2000

Was Dan Blocker ever on a national championship team?

Dan Blocker, who played the character Hoss Cartwright on Bonanza, was an offensive lineman for the 1946 Hardin-Simmons University Cowboys. The team went 11-0 and won its conference championship (Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association) but no national championship. The team played in the 1947 Alamo Bowl and defeated the University of Denver, 20-0.

How many Heisman winners are from University of Oregon?

No one from the University of Oregon has ever won the Heisman Trophy.

Has the university of Nebraska ever won a national championship in men's basketball?

No, they have only been to the Sweet 16 once. And that was when there were only 32 teams in the tournament.

Has University of Colorado ever won a national football championship?

Yes, the University of Colorado has won one national championship and that was in 1990. That was a "split" year. Georgia Tech got the other one. That was also the year of the infamous "fifth down" the buffs were given by a mistaken officiating crew that kept a drive alive and enabled the buffs to "beat" Missouri.

Was the nit ever for the national championship?


Has the University of Southern Mississippi ever won a football national championship?

The University of Southern Mississippi was voted by the UPI as national champions in football in both 1958 and 1962 in what was then know as the"Small College Division." USM was called Mississippi Southern College at the time of its national championships.

Has troy ever won a national college football championship?

Yes ... Troy won the NAIA national championship in 1968 and the NCAA Division II national championship in 1984 and 1987.

Has WVU ever been to a national championship game?

WVU played in the 1988 national championship against Notre Dame.