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No, they have only been to the Sweet 16 once. And that was when there were only 32 teams in the tournament.

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Q: Has the university of Nebraska ever won a national championship in men's basketball?
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What years did the University of Nebraska win the national football championship?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers won the National Championship in 1970, 1971, 1994, 1995, and 1997.

When was the last time the university of Michigan won the national championship?

1997 (split with Nebraska)

What years did Ohio State University win the National Championship in basketball?


What year did the University of Kentucky win their first national basketball championship?


Who did the University of Miami beat to win the 2001 NCAA football national championship?

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Who won the first national championship in the 1938 NCAA basketball championship game?

University Of Rhode Island (URI)

Who did the Nebraska Cornhuskers beat in 1995 for the national championship?

The Nebraska cornhuskers beat Florida for the 1995 national championship.

In what sports did the University of Florida win a National Championship?

football(1996,2006,2008) and basketball(2006,2007

Has Butler ever been to a national championship?

Butler University will play in its first NCAA basketball championship on April 5, 2010 against Duke University.

Who won NCAA division 1 basketball in 2007?

University of Florida Gators. A little fun fact: Florida won both the Football national championship and the basketball national championship in the same year

Which ncaa team won the last championship?

The University of Connecticut won the NCAA National Championship Game in basketball last year.

What year did the university of Arizona win the national championship in basketball?

1997 when they defeated the University of Kentucky, 84-79, in the finals.

Who won the 1997 National Championship football?

It was a split National Championship between Michigan and Nebraska.

Which NCAA school has had the most national championship titles in college basketball?


How many times has Ohio State University won the national championship in basketball?

only once in 1960

Who was the University of Miami's opponent in the 2001 NCAA Division 1 football championship?

The University of Miami played the University of Nebraska in the 2002 Rose Bowl for the national title.

What has the author Bill Woodward written?

Bill Woodward has written: 'University of Kansas national championship 1988' -- subject(s): Basketball, NCAA Basketball Tournament, University of Kansas

Has the University of Kentucky ever had an undefeated basketball season and win the NCAA national championship?

No, but we are the first with 2000 wins!

Who won the 2002 national championship in college basketball?

University of Maryland (32-4) Coached by Gary Williams

Texas Tech University women's national basketball championship team roster?

sheryl swoopes krista kirkland

Has University of Louisville ever won national championship in basketball?

1980, 1986 -- Denny Crum, head coach

What years did the university of Nebraska win the national championship in college football?

1970-1971 1994-95 97 (shared with Michigan) 5 National Championships

How many national football titles does the university of Nebraska have?

Nebraska has 5 National titles.

Who won the 1995 Football National Championship?

Nebraska CornHuskers

How many national championships does UCLA have in basketball?

11 national championship