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Undertaker has lost a casket match because he lost one to Yokozuna

No he hasent. He has won all of them

yes he has lost to randy orton and was somehow killed and randy orton was named the legend killer

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โˆ™ 2010-10-17 18:30:09
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Q: Has the undertaker ever lost a casket match?
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Why wasn't The Undertaker at WrestleMania 10?

He lost to yokozina in a casket match at the royal rumble. He didnt come back untill after WM 10

What wrestler has never lost a match?

undertaker or edge because undertaker never lost in wreslemaina and edge never lost a TLC match

Has undertaker ever lost a match at WrestleMania?

Yes, The Undertaker lost at WrestleMania XXX against Brock Lesnar making his "Undefeated" streak 21-1. However, wrestling is fake so.....

What happened in the match with the Undertaker and the Ortans at the last Main Event?

Undertaker lost and the Ortons: nailed the casket down, poured gas on it, and set it on fire! Although, the casket was later opened, and Undertaker wasn't in it. Undertaker is coming back someday, his contract last until June or July of 2007, and how can you kill a "Deadman?!" You can't kill something that's already dead! Hey Otrons RIP!

Has the undertaker ever lost at WrestleMania?


Has undertaker loat a match?

Undertaker has lost a match. it was in the 90's this dude put it on youtube. His granddad was there in the front seat and he videotaped it. I forgot the name who he lost it to...... so yeah

What happened to the undertaker at bragging rights?

He lost a buried alive match to Kane.

Has The Rock ever lost a wrestling match in Miami?

Yes he has Do you have a specific match that he lost?

Did HHH ever beat the Undertaker?

HHH lost at Wrestlemania,but he won a match in Smackdown (cleanly) and he once he beat THE HEAL OUT of The Undertaker and then he was arrested. I watched a lot of matches of boath superstars and I never saw Undertaker got beaten up like that by any man!!!

Did undertaker ever beat cena?

yes but i think he almost lost

Has undertaker never lost a match?

undertaker has lost many times for eg.he lost against Shawn michaels 5 times against CM Punk 1 time in Royal Rumble and many more times.So it is incorrect to say that undertaker has never lost. But at wrestle mania he's undefeated.

Has the undertaker ever lost to john cena?

yes he has 4 out of 11 times

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