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Twice ... Super Bowl XXVIII, won by Dallas over Buffalo, and Super Bowl XXXIV won by St. Louis over Tennessee.

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Q: Has the super bowl ever been played in atlanta?
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Was the Super Bowl played in Atlanta in 2000?


When have the Atlanta Falcons played in the Super Bowl?

They've only been to the super bowl once, in the 1998 season but they lost to the Denver Broncos 34-19

Where will Super Bowl forty eight be played at?

landshark stadium' yeah and it will be a houston atlanta Super Bowl

Has there ever been a person who has played in the Super Bowl and World series?

Deion Sanders played in Super Bowl XXX for the Dallas Cowboys and the 1992 World Series for the Atlanta Braves.

How many Super Bowl's have been played in February?

Super Bowl XLIV will be the 8th Super Bowl played in February. The first was Super Bowl XXXVI and every Super Bowl since XXXVIII has been played in February.

Where was Super Bowl 34 played?

It was played in Atlanta, Georgia in the Georgia Dome.

Has the Super Bowl always been played on Sunday?

Yes. The 2008 Super Bowl is the 42nd Super Bowl played and all 42 will have been played on a Sunday.

When did the Atlanta Falcons play the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl?

the Atlanta Falcons played the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIII and lost 34-19 ...

Who was the Atlanta Falcons quarterback in the 1999 Super Bowl?

Chris Chandler was the Atlanta Falcons quarterback in Super Bowl XXXIII, played on January 31, 1999.

Where was Super Bowl XXXIV held?

The 2000 Super Bowl XXXIV played on January 30, was played at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta Georgia.

Who played in the 1999 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXXIIIThe Denver Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-19 in Super Bowl XXXIII played on January 31, 1999.

When will Atlanta win the Super Bowl?

the Atlanta Falcons have never won the Super Bowl.

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