Has the racehorse Sunline died

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Good news on the great racemare Sunline from last week's Australian Hearld Sun's online edition: '''CHAMPION mare and dual Cox Plate winner Sunline is slowly recovering from a life-threatening illness.''' Steve McKee, who co-trained the 13-year-old mare, said Sunline had responded well to surgery to ease the effects of laminitis, a serious hoof condition. "That side of things is good. I'd say she's avoided the worst-case scenario judging by how she's improved in the past two weeks," McKee said. "The issue we have now is the soreness she has from an unrelated abscess she had cut out of a hoof. She's still on strong painkillers for that. "But that is something she should get over in time. "The vet says she could be over it and the laminitis in six to eight months." McKee said Sunline's condition prevented her from being served this season, but he was optimistic she would return to the breeding barn late next year.

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Q: Has the racehorse Sunline died
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