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did the cuds win a wold seires

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Q: Has the cuds won a wold series?
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Who won the 1975 college wold series?

The first College World Series in softball was not played until 1982 and was won by UCLA. (In baseball, the 1975 series was won by the University of Texas.)

Did the Milwaukee Brewers win any Wold Series?

No sadly the Milwaukee Brewers have never won a World Series.

What team has the most wold series?

The New York Yankes won 26 World Series titles in 39 appearances.

Who played in 1979 wold series?

The Pittsburgh Pirates won the 1979 World Series over the Baltimore Orioles, 4 games to 3.

What is the biggest deficit a baseball team has won in a wold series game?

The final score for the 1929 World Series between the Philadelphia Athletics and Chicago Cubs was 8-0 The Cubs won

Has Mexico won the wold cup?


How won the wold cup?


What years did the gaints win the wold series?

The Giants franchise won five World Series in New York (1905, 1921, 1922, 1933 and 1954) and one in San Francisco (2010).

Who won wold war 2?


When has Argentina won the wold cup?

won it two times

Who won 1999 cricket wold cup?


Who won the Fifa Wold Cup in 2006?


In what year England won the wold cup?

In 1966.

Which country won the wold cup in 2006?


What year was the first wold series played?


How many times have Italy won wold cup?

Italy have won it four times.

Who won the FIFA wold cup of 2006?

Italy won the fifa world cup 2006

Who won the wold cup 2006 FIFA?

Italy won the FIFA World Cup 2006

Who won wold cup 1939?

There was no World Cup in 1939.

Woh won the 1st FIFA wold cup?


Who won the first wold cup and where?

Uruguay in 1930

How many times has Uruguay won the wold cup?

Uruguay have won the world cup twice in 1930 and 1950.

Who won the x factor 3 years ago?

Leona Lewis won three years ago. Steve won series 1. Shane Ward won series 2. Leona Lewis won series 3. Leon Jackson won series 4. Alexandra Burke won series 5.

Haw many soccer wold cup has England won?

one in 1966

Which great tennis player won the 1929 wold?

It was Fairy.Land he was the best in the world