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No , the Champions League knockout stage has never gone to penalties. It has gone to extra time though.

This ^ isn't true, Chelsea V Liverpool and Arsenal V Roma have both gone to penalties to name just two.

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Q: Has the champions league knockout stage ever gone to penalties?
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How much do you get for winning a game in the champions league?

you get 340k for winning a champions league group stage game

Can English teams clash in the champions league group stage?

English teams can face each other in the Champions league from the quarter finals stage. This is because after this stage, teams are drawn randomly to face each other.

What sport is the champions league for?

The Champions league is for men and women's football, it is also known as the UEFA Champions League. They were founded in 1955 in Europe they have 32 groups stage teams and 77 total teams.

How far did arsenal get last year in the champions league?

Arsenal did not get very far in last year;s Champions League. They were eliminated in the Group stage itself.

How many times has Manchester united been knocked out of group phase of champions league?

This is the first season they were knocked out in group stage since champions league began

Who selects where they play the first game in the Champions league knockout stage?

Answer This is selected by the draw. The team that comes first out of the "drum", has the right to play at home first. However when this coincides with other "limitations", clubs can give away their right to play home first.

When is the draw for the last 16 stage of 2013 champions league?

Monday, December 16th

Winners of the Europa league get automatic qualification into the champions league the following season?

No, they go into the group stage of the following season's Europa League.

How do you win a league cup in Europe?

Many sports have league cups in Europe. The most well known one is the Champions League in soccer. It goes through various group stages, where teams play each other both home and away. The top teams from these progress to later league stages and eventually to a knockout stage and finally a single final which is in May each year.

How do you get the uefa europa league in pes 2010?

Finish 3rd or 4th in champions league group league so u don't qualify for the knock out stage

How do you get into the europa league?

There are a few ways a team can get into the Europa League. The teams who finish best in their domestic league, after the Champions league places have been taken. There are spots on offer for domestic trophies, through the fair play rankings. Also those who do not make it out of the group stage of the champions league.

Does one yellow card in European football association champions league follow to the knock out stage?

No, players who are short of suspension after the group stage have their yellow cards wiped for the knock out stage.