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Canada has not hosted the world cup yet.

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Q: Has the World Cup been in Canada?
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Has Canada ever been in the World Cup?

Canada have never reached the World Cup.

Has Canada ever been in a World Cup?

Yes Canada was in the world cup for the first time in 1986.

Has Canada ever been in the FIFA World Cup?

Yes they've been in 1986 FIFA world cup for the first time.

Why aren't all of the countries in the World Cup?

no not all country's have been in the FIFA world cup for example Canada has never made to the world cup

How many times has Canada competed in the world cup?

if you mean the fifa World cup, unfortunately Canada has never been able to qualify. Hopefully in 2014.........

How many FIFA World Cups have Canada been in?

0 canada never have made it to the world cup they always been disquilified in the qiulifires

Has the FIFA World Cup ever been held in Canada?


What football team has been to the world cup but never scored?


When will Canada host a FIFA World Cup?

Canada may not host a world cup, as they have yet to qualify for a world cup.

When did Canada qualify to the World Cup?

canada qualify to the world cup in 1985

Did Canada make it into the FIFA World Cup?

Canada did not make it into the world cup.

How did Canada do in the 1986 World Cup?

Canada did not do well in 1986 world cup.

What teams have never been to the world cup?

Canada for one, if you mean soccer

Has Canada ever won the FIFA World cup?

No Canada have never won the world cup.

Did Canada qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Canada did not qualify for the 2014 World Cup finals.

Why didn't Canada play in the FIFA world cup 2010?

Canada did not qualify for the 2010 world cup , that is all.

How many times Canada won the world cup of cricket?

canada never won the world cup cricket

Did Canada ever hosted the world cup?

Neither Canada nor the U. S. have hosted the world cup.

How many times has Canada won the Hockey World Cup?

Never. Canada's best ranking in its four appearances has been eighth place in 1998.

Is Canada in the World Cup Games?

no Canada is not in the world cup but all the other countries are participating except china and japan i think.


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What channel will broadcast the 2011 Cricket World Cup in Canada?

Asian Television Network will broadcast the 2011 Cricket World Cup in Canada.

Are there any Canadians in the World Cup?

Canada did not qualify to play in the world cup. Only 32 countries compete in the world cup.

What is the lowest innings score in ICC world cup?

canada vs Sri lanka,,canada made 36 runs in 2003 world cup

Which country Prior to world cup 2010 never scored a goal in the world cup?