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No, they have never met in College Football.

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Q: Has the Florida State football team ever played the University of Texas?
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What college did Burt Reynolds played football at?

He played football at Florida State University.

Has Ohio State University ever played Florida Gators in football?

Yes, Ohio State played the University of Florida in the 2006 National Championship game. Losing 41-14.

Kamerion Wimbley played football for what college?

Kamerion Wimbley attended Florida State University.

Did the Florida state football team ever played Louisiana state university?

Through the 2008 season, Florida State and Louisiana State have met 9 times in football with Florida State leading the series 7-2. All the games were played between 1968-1991.

What years did Florida State University beat Alabama university in football?


Has Ohio State University ever played Florida State University in football?

Ohio State has met Florida State 3 times, twice in the regular season (1981, 1982) and the 1998 Sugar Bowl. Florida State has won all three contests.

Who is the football coach for Florida State University?

Jimbo Fisher

Who is Florida state university's football coach?

Jimbo Fisher

What has the author Cale Conley written?

Cale Conley has written: 'Sunshine hate' -- subject(s): College sports, Florida Gators (Football team), Florida State Seminoles (Football team), Florida State University, Football, History, University of Florida

Did dallas raines play football at Florida state university?


What percentage of football players graduate from Florida state university?


Has the Florida state football team ever played Indiana University?

Yes. Florida State and Indiana have met once, that being the 1986 All-American Bowl won by Florida State by the score of 27-13.

What is the win loss record between Ohio State university and Florida State University in football?

Florida State is 3 - 0 versus Ohio State per

What city and state is Florida gators football team located?

The University of Florida is located in Gainsville, Florida, which is where they also play their home football games.

How many division 1-a football teams in Florida?

7 Teams from Florida competed in division 1-A football during the 2008 season: Florida Atlantic University Owls Florida International University Golden Panthers Florida State University Seminoles University of Central Florida Knights University of Florida Gators University of South Florida Bulls University of Miami Hurricanes

Who has Alabama not played in football?

Boise State University.

How long has Florida state played football?

60 years

Who was the quarterback for the 1990 Florida State University football team?

Casey Weldon

Who is the current head coach for Florida State University football?

Jimbo Fisher

Did burt Reynolds play for the Dallas Cowboys?

No. Reynolds, who was a running back at Florida State University, never played in the National Football League.

What year did Florida State University football began at?

Florida State's first season of football was in 1947. They went 0-5 under head coach Ed Williamson.

What has the author Jeff Snook written?

Jeff Snook has written: 'A Buckeye season' -- subject(s): Football, Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Ohio State University 'Year of the Gator' -- subject(s): Florida Gators (Football team), Football, History, University of Florida 'What it means to be a Buckeye' -- subject(s): Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Football, Ohio State University, History 'Then Tress Said to Troy' -- subject(s): Football, History, Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Ohio State University

Where is Florida State University?

Florida State University is located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Who was the last Florida State University football player to kick barefoot?

Babe Ruth

What are the most winningest college football teams since 2005?

Florida State University