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Q: Has the Alabama university quarterback always wore the number 12?
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What university of Alabama quarterback wore the number 15 jersey?

i recant, steadman was 10

What university of Alabama quarterback wore the number 7 jersey?

Jay Barker

Who is number 14 for Alabama?

Quarterback John Parker Wilson

What football number does current Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson wear on his jersey?


Who was University of Michigan quarterback wearing jersey number 14?

Brian greise

What is university of Alabama address?

The mailing address is just: The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487 The telephone number is: (205) 348-6010 Their website is

Who has worn number 2 jersey for university of Alabama?


University of Alabama quarterbacks that wore number 14?


What jersey number was bob baumhower at university of Alabama?


Who has worn number twelve at the University of Alabama football?

Joe Namath

What was Joey Jones jersey number when he played for the University of Alabama?


The number of commuters vs non-commuters at the university of Alabama?

no but you should

What was Curtis Alexander football jersey number for the University of Alabama?


Who wears jersey number 3 at university of alabama?

Trent Richardson

What number did Craig Sanderson wear for Alabama?

Craig wore number 21 as a split end (wide receiver) at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!

Who wears jersey number twelve at the University of Alabama football?


Who ware number 42 in Alabama football?

2011/2012 University of Alabama's #1 Running Back Eddie Lacy

What famous players have worn number 12 in university of Alabama football?

Joe Namath

Number of males vs females at university of Alabama?

6329 men, 6812 women

Who wears jersey number 92 at university of Alabama?

dl damion square as of 2010

Why is number 13 on university of Alabama's helmet?

It stands for the 13 national championships they have won

Who is better Alabama or Virginia tech?

Virginia tech is number 1 and will always be

Why does university of Alabama have number 13 on their helmet?

As a whole, the University uses the number of National Championships the school has earned, as the team helment number. Each player's jersey number is on their own individual helment.

Who is number 21 on university of alabama's football team for 2009?

Dre Kirkpatric a defensive back

What famous player wore number 22 in the university of Alabama football?