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Yes and no. Players can do remarkable things with a Golf ball now, but they hit it so far that golf courses have to keep adjusting.

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Q: Has technology ruined golf
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No all new golf balls are covered with plastic if the ball is not cracked it should last until it does

What is inverted cone technology?

Inverted cone technology is the technology used in various Taylor-Made golf clubs.

What is the future outlook for golf?

In the future, golf may experience upgrades in the kind of equipment used to play the game. People can expect to see advanced golf clubs, golf balls and new technology that studies a person's swing.

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Some advantages of the Callaway X Hybrid Golf Clubs are they are customizable, the RAZR technology helps shift the center of gravity, increases distance and forgiveness.

What is the value of used Lady Bear Golf Clubs?

Nothing for the name and precious little for being old. Golf Clubs don't make good antiques especially when they have been outdated by new technology.

Is a golf ball a man-made system?

Yes, since it's first invention the golf ball has always been man made, the modern golf ball represents many years of development and new technology all of which are the result of man wanting to produce a better ball.

What company is leading in golf ball sales in 2012?

The company Titleist is the leader both in golf ball sales and technology. Titleist is a legend in the industry. TaylorMade also gets high marks and is a market leader.

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Davega Golf equipment professes to have cutting edge technology. To find out more information, please see related link below.

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