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Oh yes he has.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-11 15:11:49
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Q: Has steven Gerrard ever missed a penalty?
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Is Steven Gerrard the greatest player ever?

Facts show that Steven Gerrard is the greatest player on earth

Is steven Gerrard the best plyer ever?

Yes. According to most people with knowledge within football Steven Gerrard is the most complete and best footballer ever.

Did steven Gerrard ever play as a defensive midfielder?

Yes, he played

Will Steven Gerrard ever get divorced?


Has dirk kuyt ever missed a penalty?

Yes 16

How many team steven Gerrard a Liverpool player has played for?

Steven Gerrard has only ever played for Liverpool even during his youth. He also currently plays for his national team England.

How good is steven Gerrard?

on his day, one of the best midfielders ever. certainly one of the best!!

Will steven Gerrard ever come to India?

steven Gerrard is the hope for Liverpool as well as England squad so i want to wish him my heartiest regards so that he can succeed more in his life in future.......soumajit nag(Indian)

Who is the best player that ever played for Liverpool?

steven Gerrard is undoubtably the best player in Liverpool history

Has steven Gerrard ever worn the number ten jersey for England?

He wore number 8 and now number4.

Has zinedine zidane ever missed a penalty in a competetive match in his entire career?

no he didn't missed any PK along his career

Has zidane ever missed a penalty in a competetive match?

of course he has! every soccer player has!

How much penalty fare should you pay if ever you missed your flight air mauritius?

There may not be a penalty fare if there is room on the flight for you. If taking a different flight there may be an increase in the ticket cost.

Is Gerrard going to Chelsea?

No. Not ever.

Is Gerrard way the hottest guy ever?

Yes he is

What can Steven Gerrard do?

Play footie because he's the best Footballer EVER!He can even skill Waza (Wayne Rooney) up!

Who missed penalties in the 2008 champions league final?

It was at Moscow in Russia. 3rd penalty for Man Utd and then Ronaldo had it saved by Petr Cech. 5th penalty for Chelsea FC and if John Terry had scored the vital penalty Chelsea FC would have secured their first ever UCL trophy. Nicolas Anelka had his penalty saved and John Terry started to cry. Why did he miss?

Who are the greatest footballers ever?

Maradonna, Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zinedine Zidane, Kaka, Wayne Rooney, George Best, Raul, Robinho, Lionel Messi, Bobby Charlton, Steven Gerrard. The list goes on.

Why is steven Gerrard better than any other player?

Gerrard is a very tenacious player. He is skilled in both DEFENDING and ATTACKING, which makes him an overall player. He is known to be 'Captain Fantastic', due to his remarkable goal come-backs, scoring in extra-time to win the game for Liverpool. Gerrard can also play either striker, mid or defence. (LIVERPOOL, CHAMPIONS 4 EVA) -Gerrard17 hes freaking class best player ever

How old did Gerrard start football at?

he was 36789 when he scored his first ever goal

Who is liverpools best ever player?

1st is rush then Gerrard then Torres then dalglish then carra

Has Steven Tyler ever had plastic surgery?

no steven tyler has NEVER had plastic surgery

Did Pele ever miss a penalty?


Was Steven Segal ever a karate champion?

No, Steven Segal is an Aikidoka and practices and teaches Aikido.

Will you ever battle steven in Pokemon heart gold?

No, you don't battle Steven in HG/SS.

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