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Q: Has muggsy bogues ever competed in NBA dunk competition?
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Did muggsy bogues ever win the slam dunk competition?


Could Muggsy Bogues Dunk?

Muggsy bogues did dunk one time which was his one and only dunk. So yes he did dunk before

Did Muggsy Bogues ever dunk?

== == In an interview with Muggsy Bogues, the interviewer asks him if he can dunk. He claims that he tipped one in, back in college. He also says that in high school he used to dunk. To read the interview, see the Related Link.

Can muggsy bogues dunk?

no he cant even grab net

Did Mugsy Bogues ever dunk?


Could Tyrone Bogues dunk?


Is basketball all about height?

No. While height helps, running speed, throwing accuracy, and being a team player also helps. Consider that one of the best ball handlers in the NBA was Tyrone Curtis "Muggsy" Bogues. At 5'6" Muggsy was able to dunk, and run circles around players much taller.

Can mugsy bogues slam dunk?

yes he can

Who won the 2000 NBA slam dunk competition?

Vince Carter won the 2000 NBA slam dunk competition.

Has LeBron James won an NBA slam dunk contest and what year was it?

LeBron has never won, or competed, in an NBA dunk contest.

Who is the shortest person to ever dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim?

The shortest person to dunk on a ten foot rim is not Anthony Spud Webb, it's Mugsy Bogues. Webb was the shortest person to win the NFL dunk contest.

Who was the winner of the slam dunk competition 2010?

Nate Robinson was the winner of the 2010 Slam Dunk competition. Robinson became the first three-time Slam Dunk champion, after winning in 2009 and 2006 as well.

Who won the 2011 slam dunk contest?

Mitchell Beck Wont The Slam Dunk competition in 2011 with an awesome backflip 360 dunk :D

Is There a slam dunk competition in NBA 2k10?

Yes, there is.

Who is the smallest playyer to be in a dunk competition?

spudd webb

Will I be able to dunk when i grow up I am 5 ft 1 at age 11 and can touch 8 ft?

There is no way to know at this point. There are many factors that are unknown. How tall you will be. How much exercise you will get(how strong you will be). How large your feet will be (Yes, this helps). * * * * * Height has little to do with one's ability to dunk a basketball. Look at Tyrone Curtis "Muggsy" Bogues, who retired from the NBA as a player in 2001. At 5' 3", little Mugsy, one of the best ball handlers in NBA history, was able to dunk pretty much on demand. The key is to develop the ability regardless of perceived limitations.

When does the NBA dunk competition start?

The NBA dunk competition is held annually at the All-Star game. The All-Star Weekend is a 3 day event, culminating with the All-Star game on the final night. The dunk competition is traditionally held on the middle night.This year, the 2011 NBA All-Star Game will be played on February 20, 2011 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. (so the dunk competition shall be on 2/19/2011, presumably)

Who are the shortest players that have played in the NBA?

One of the shortest, if not the all time shortest, players to have played in the NBA was Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues who went to college at Wake Forest. He was 5' 3" and was a first round draft choice of the Washington Bullets in 1987. Bogues played in the NBA for 14 seasons with the Bullets, Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors, and Toronto Raptors. Another small player was Anthony 'Spud' Webb who went to college at North Carolina State. He was 5' 7" and was a fourth round draft choice of the Detroit Pistons in 1985. Webb played in the NBA for 12 seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Orlando Magic. He won the NBA's slam dunk contest at the All-Star game in 1986. Click on the 'Spud Webb Slam Dunk' link on this page to see a video of him in action at the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest.he was killer.

Is LeBron ever going to be in a slam dunk contest?

In the 2009 All-Star game in Phoenix, he said he will be participating in the 2010 slam dunk competition.

What are the release dates for Competition Specials - 2002 Slam Dunk Skillet Showdown 1-36?

Competition Specials - 2002 Slam Dunk Skillet Showdown 1-36 was released on: USA: 15 August 2004

How many times did Michael Jordan win the slam dunk competition?

1 time?

Are you too short to play basketball?

No one is ever too short to play basketball. Some of the shortest players were Muggsy Bogues who was 5'3" and played in the NBA for 14 seasons. Spudd Webb was 5'7" and played for 12 seasons. He also won the Slam Dunk title over his 6'8" teammate, Dominique Wilkins. Currently Nate Robinson is the shortest player in the NBA at 5'9". He has won three Slam Dunk titles including an astounding victory over the 6'11" center Dwight Howard. So to answer your question, no your never too short to play basketball, you may have to work harder, but your never too short.

Who is in the 2010 slam dunk competition?

Nate Robinson, Shannon Brown, DeMar DeRozan, and Gerald Wallace.

Who was the shortest player ever to dunk?

The shortest player to ever dunk is Muggsy Boughes. 5ft 3in. I'm pretty sure he win a couple of dunk contest.Wrong!!Muggsy was the shortest player to play in the NBA at 5'3", however he never won a dunk contest. That honor belongs to Spud Webb at 5'6"YearLocationSlam Dunk Champion2009PhoenixNate Robinson, New York2008New OrleansDwight Howard, Orlando2007Las VegasGerald Green, Boston2006HoustonNate Robinson, New York2005DenverJosh Smith, Atlanta2004Los AngelesFred Jones, Indiana2003AtlantaJason Richardson, Golden State2002PhiladelphiaJason Richardson, Golden State2001Washington, D.C.Desmond Mason, Seattle2000OaklandVince Carter, Toronto1997ClevelandKobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers1996San AntonioBrent Barry, L.A. Clippers1995PhoenixHarold Miner, Miami1994MinneapolisIsaiah Rider, Minnesota1993Salt Lake CityHarold Miner, Cleveland1992OrlandoCedric Ceballos, Phoenix1991CharlotteDee Brown, Boston1990MiamiDominique Wilkins, Atlanta1989HoustonKenny Walker, New York1988ChicagoMichael Jordan, Chicago1987SeattleMichael Jordan, Chicago1986DallasSpud Webb, Atlanta1985IndianapolisDominique Wilkins, Atlanta1984DenverLarry Nance, Phoenix

Does Jamario Moon have potential to win the Slam Dunk competition 2008?

Yes he does.But Dwight Howard already won it though