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Q: Has lebron james ever been in the slam dunk contest?
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Has lebron been a dunk contest?


When did lebron James win the slam dunk contest?

He has never been in one

Did lebron James played in the dunk contest 2010?


Has LeBron James won an NBA slam dunk contest and what year was it?

LeBron has never won, or competed, in an NBA dunk contest.

Who has entered the 2009 slam dunk contest?

LeBron James(of course)!!!

Why didn't lebron James compete in the dunk contest?

he didn't want to

What titles has Lebron James been given in the NBA?

2 MVP's, no championships, and 1 Dunk contest trophy's

How many slam dunks does LeBron James have?

Over the course of his career, Lebron James has over 100 slam dunks. Although, he has never actually won a Slam Dunk Contest. He simply refuses to even enter the Slam Dunk Contest.

Why wasn't lebron James in the 2010 dunking contest like he said he would?

Because he is to cant dunk

Lebron James ever win a dunk contest in his life?

He hasn't won any... But if he enters he could!

When was LeBron James first dunk?

LeBron could and always will be able to dunk. Do not question LeBron.

Can LeBron James dunk?


Is Kobe Bryant and Lebron James in the sprite slam dunk contest?

Neither is even though Lebron said he was going to bu then backed out like a pussy

Has Lebron James ever been in an NBA dunk contest?

no but he will be next year he might considering everyone knows he the highest jumper and natiest dunker in the nba today.

When was LeBron James's first dunk?

lebrons first dunk was when he was a sophmore

Did lebron James invent the 360 dunk?

Hell no

Where can one see LeBron James dunk images?

Lebron James dunk images can be seen in many sports magazines, such as Sports Illustrated. Of course, they can also be seen on the official NBA site and Lebron James' official site.

When did LeBron James first shoot and dunk his ball?

at 6

How many times has LeBron James dunk?

Lebon james has dunked 1,928

When did lebron first dunk?

According to video footage LeBron James could dunk in 8th grade when he played on his AAU team, the Ohio Shooting Stars.

Is LeBron ever going to be in a slam dunk contest?

In the 2009 All-Star game in Phoenix, he said he will be participating in the 2010 slam dunk competition.

Can you dunk in the NBA?

Yes, you can dunk in the NBA. Players dunk all the time. Take LeBron James, Dwight Howard, or Amare Stoudemire.

What competitions have Kobe Bryant been in?

he was in the dunk contest

Who won the NBA 2008 dunk contest dunk contest?

Dwight Howard won the slam dunk contest in 2008. It was one of the best slam dunk contest, i suggest you watch it.

Who is the first player to win a dunk contest and a three point contest?

James LeBron 4 sure. I did a report on him and as i was reading the book i came across that fact. BY:CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR i really don't think lebron won a 3 point contest, dirk nowitzki and Jason kapono have been repeatedly winning them recently, and in the beginning of his career lebron wasn;t a good 3 shooter.