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No - they were beaten in the 2006 final by Barcelona.

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Q: Has gunners ever won a champions league cup?
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did arsenal ever win the European champions league cup?

no. they are rubbish.

Have Celtic ever won the Champions League?

Celtic were victorious in the 1966-67 European Cup, the predecessor of the UEFA Champions League.

Has Nottingham forest ever won champions league?

They won the European Cup, which is the old name for the Champions League, in 1979 and again in 1980.

Which is bigger champions league or confederations cup?

Champions league, of course.

What year did the European cup change to champions League?

The European Cup was changed to champions league in the year 1992.

Who were the champion league winners 2005?

Liverpool won the Champions league in 2005. They defeated AC Milan on penalties to lift the cup in one of the best Champions LEague finals ever.

How many times have everton won the league?

have everton ever won the champions leauge cup

Who is the only player to score in the champions league uefa cup fa cup league cup finals?

Steven Gerrard. Champions League - 2005, UEFA Cup - 2001, FA Cup - 2006 and League Cup - 2003.

Which is more prestige the euro cup or the champions league cup?

The Champions League original name was the Europeon Cup so they're the same thing.

Who has won the premiership FA cup European cup champions league and world cup?

the European cup and the champions league are the same thing and its manu [the worst team ever and the only reason they win anything is because roony and SAF suck the refs cock]

What cup from now on will be played between the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League?

The cup will called the UEFA Super Cup. It will be played between the winners od the Champions League and Europa League.

Who has won the champions league the uefa cup the fa cup the premiership but not the league cup?


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