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Q: Has ferando Torres scored for chelesa?
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What middle name is good for Dylan?

macartney ferando Torres

Who inspired Ferando Torres to become a football player?

Sean dundee

How many goals has Torres scored for Spain?

Torres has scored 30 goals for his country spain

When Beckham scored from the halfway line who else scored?


Who has Torres scored against?


How many goals has Torres scored in the Premier League?

As at 4-Feb-2010 : Torres has scored exactly 50 league goals.

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored in his football career?

Fernando Torres has scored 128 throughout his club playing career.

How many goals has Torres scored for Liverpool?

Maxi has scored 4 goals

How many goals has Torres scored?

Fernando Torres has scored 124 goals, even though he is good he is very fragile and gets hurt to often, he then misses many games.

Chelesa fc is the best?

rock on

How many goals did Torres and Gerrard score in the 2007-2008 season?

Steven Gerrard scored 23 and Fernando Torres scored 26. 49 in total

Between Ronaldo and Torres who has scored the quickest 50 goals?

That's easy ! Its Fernando Torres