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Buffalo had 4 consecutive AFC Championships and lost the superbowl all four years. This was 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994. In 1991 they lost 20-19 because of a missed final play field goal.

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Q: Has buffalo won a Super Bowl?
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Have the Buffalo Bills won a Super Bowl?

No, but they have played in 4.The Buffalo Bills have not won the Super Bowl as of 2011.

How many times have the Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl?

The Buffalo Bills have won 0 Super Bowls.

Did the Buffalo Bills ever win a Super Bowl?

As of Super Bowl XLII, the Bills have never won a Super Bowl.

Who won Super Bowl 26?

The Washington Redskins won super bowl 26 by defeating the Buffalo Bill 37 to 28

Who won the 26th Super Bowl?

The Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XXVI against the Buffalo Bills. The score was 37-24.

What are the names of the teams that has never won a Super Bowl?

Buffalo Bills

Who has played in 5 Super Bowl but never won?

buffalo bills

Has the super bowl ever been played in atlanta?

Twice ... Super Bowl XXVIII, won by Dallas over Buffalo, and Super Bowl XXXIV won by St. Louis over Tennessee.

When was the last time Buffalo Bills won a Super Bowl?

they have never won a super bowl. they went to 4 straight super bowls, and lost all 4 times

Have the Buffalo Bills ever won a super bowl in nfl history?

They have played in 4 Super Bowls, but have not won a game.

Has any team never won a Super Bowl?

The Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills are 0-4 lifetime in the Super Bowl

What team won three Super Bowl's in 1993?

No one won THREE Super Bowls in 1993, as there is only ONE Super Bowl per year. But the Dallas Cowboys won their THIRD Super Bowl in the beginning of 1993. They won their fourth Super Bowl the following year, and their fifth in the beginning of 1996. They defeated the Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Bills, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, respectfully. Currently they have won five Super Bowls and have lost three.

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