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no they havent

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Q: Has asernal ever won a uefa champion league?
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Who won the fist ever uefa champion league?

Manchester united

What games are played in Italy?

UEFA champion league final in Rome

Which clubs have appeared most often in UEFA Champion's League?

Barcelona are the only club, that has appeared in every Champion league each year.

Who was the top scorer in the last season's UEFA Champion's league?

Lionel Messi

How many teams qualifies for the uefa champion league from la liga?


Has Chelsea won the uefa before?

No Chelsea have never won the champion league in their history.

How much would Chelseafc get for winning Uefa champion League?

Abiodun damilola s

How much money can the champion win in uefa champions league?

60 million euros.

When does uefa champions league take start?

This years U.E.F.A champion league starts on 14/9/2010.

Which team won the UEFA Champion's league for maximum times?

Real Madrid (9 titles)

What year did Barcelona won the UEFA champion league?

Barcelona have won the champion league in 1994, 2006 and 2009. Barcelona is the only club to play each year in the champions league from 1950 , when it started.

When was UEFA Champions League created?

The champion league first started out in the year 1950, the rules have changed over the years, and Barcelona , is the only club to play in the champion league every year.