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not possible because it isn't considered an actual number. you must wear between 1 and 99. and 3 and 1/2 either, because it is not a whole number.

Actually your wrong in 1995 to 1996 Martin Biron wore Number 00 with the Buffalo Sabres for three games

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In 1997-98 the NHL disallowed the use of "0" and "00" for jersey numbers. Here is a list of players previous to that that used the zeroes:

#00 Martin Biron - Buffalo Sabres (1995-1996)

#0 Neil Sheehy - Hartford Whalers (1987-1988)

#00 John Davidson - New York Rangers (1977-1978)

#0 Paul Bibeault - Montreal Canadiens (1940-1946)

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Yes, a player can wear any number they choose, provided they are the only member of their team that has it and the number is clearly defined on their unifrom.

It is a number normally used by goalkeepers only, but many of these choose (or are given) other numbers, so it opens up the opportunity for their teammates.

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because it is not a number and if that #0 or 00 scored he ref can't say 0 or 0 scored and in all hockey leagues 0 and 00 number are banned this is my anwer from: carry price NHL montreal goalie

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Q: Has anyone worn number 0 or 00 in hockey?
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