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I have been using the system for about 2 months now and i absolutely love it. Every ball now feels the same so when i need to change balls i don't have to worry do i have enough tape or too much. It is easy to install just follow the instructions well. Good Luck with it.

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Q: Has anyone used the Grip-loc thumb inserts and how are they?
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For plastic, urethane or rubber inserts, a hole is drilled the size of the outer diameter of the insert to be used. Care must be taken to factor how the span of the inserts are placed with where the holes are placed. After drilling has been done, the inserts are glued in. While thumb inserts can be replaceable, it's more common to drill a large hole where the thumb goes and a solid thumb insert is glued in the hole. The thumb hole is then drilled into the solid insert.

How do you fix your finger holes on a bowling ball if they get too tight?

It would depend on if finger inserts are used in the ball. If inserts are used, simply replace the inserts with a larger value. If inserts are not used, use a bevel, scraper or sand paper to open up the hole.

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