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Most often it occured in the old days of Baseball. Baseball almanac has the info:

It's true it happened more often in the old days, but you still see it occasionally, mostly when there's a left-hander on the mound. I saw it happen at Fenway Park about seven years ago. And of course Brad Ausmus did it in the 2002 World Series.

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Q: Has anyone in the history of baseball ever stolen home on a non passed ball by the catcher?
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Is a past ball an error?

Yes, if the ball is pitched in a location where the catcher has a reasonable chance of stopping the ball, that is a passed ball and the error is charged to the catcher. If the ball is pitched in a location where the catcher does NOT have a reasonable chance of stopping the ball, that is a wild pitch and the error is charged to the pitcher. Actually, a passed ball is NOT charged as an error against the catcher. It's simply charged as a passed ball. Not terribly logical, I agree, but that's the rule.

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