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Q: Has anyone ever taken a 6-wicket maiden as the opening over of a cricket match?
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Cricket over in which no runs are scored?

It is called a maiden or maiden over.

Who was the first bowler to bowl the maiden over in the history of Test Cricket?

who did the maximum maiden over in test cricket history

What is a maiden century in cricket?

1st 100 runs of a player

What is a mdn on a cricket phone?

A maiden over.

Abbreviation for Maiden in cricket?

Maiden Overs statistic in Cricket is abbreviated as 'M.' The sport has three general statistic type and 'M' is under the Bowling statistics.

What is a maiden in cricket?

A Maiden In Cricket Is when a bowler completes his over of six balls without conceding a run to the other team. A maiden is a very good thing to achieve and will boost teams chances of achieving their goals.

What is mean by maiden cricket century?

Maiden Century refers to the first century by a player. Let us say you start playing cricket and after around 15 matches you make a century, that would be your maiden century

What is maiden century scorein cricket?

sachin tendulkar first century of one's cricket career.

What does a maiden over mean in cricket?

A maiden over is one in which no runs are scored. Leg byes and byes scored in over are not counted for maiden over.

What is maiden fifty in cricket?

A maiden fifty means your first fifty. The same goes for century but a maiden over is one that has no runs scored off it.

How many runs are scored off a maiden over?

A maiden over in cricket is defined as one in which no runs are scored.

What does a madin over mean in cricket?

A maiden over is where no runs are scored.

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