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No one has ever captained England at both professional sports.

Reginald ("Tip") Erskine Foster the only man ever to have captained England at both her national sports. He played 5 football internationals for England between 1900 and 1902 and captained England against Wales, with 10 professionals under him in 1902. He captained the England cricket team in 3 Test against South Africa in 1907. His 287 in his debut Test at Sydney in the 1903-04 Tour remains, in 2010, the highest Test score by an Englishman in Australia. He scored a series aggregate of 486 on that Tour, at the age of 25. Business pressure prevented him playing more than he did, and he died from Diabetes, before insulin was discovered, at the age of 36, He was one of 7 brothers all of whom played cricket for Worcestershire.

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Q: Has anyone captained England at both football and cricket?
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