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No not as far as I remember.

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2010-11-23 16:03:54
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Q: Has any player played for Leeds and Chelsea?
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Has any player played for Liverpool leeds Manchester united and Chelsea?

No, as far as I am aware, there is no player who has played for Leeds United who has also played for more than one of Liverpool, Chelsea or ManYoo. You can confirm which players have played for Leeds United and those other clubs at: Hope this helps. David W

Has any player played for leeds and Manchester united?

Eric Cantona

Has any Irish player played for both leeds and man united?

Johnny Giles

Has any player played for Manchester united arsenal Liverpool and Chelsea?

No to my knowledge.

Has any football player played for Liverpool and Chelsea?

NIgel Spackman and David Speedie Anelka

Is there any Chelsea player who is in Illuminati?


Has any football player played for Liverpool Manchester United Arsenal and Chelsea?

No,no one has played for Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal andChelsea.

Has any player move from Chelsea to man united?

Alex Stepney, the Man Utd goalkeeper who played in the 1968 European Cup winning team, went to Man Utd from Chelsea for £55,000 in 1966.

Has any football player played for both Manchester united AND Chelsea?

There's definitely one - Mark Hughes. Just to get the ball rolling...

What is the topps total football sticker code for any Chelsea player?

N.Aneka - 5667

Were any famous Chelsea players French?

Flouren t Molouda is a french player.

Are there any good senior tours of Leeds?

I want to go on a tour through Leeds with my grandparents. Are there any good tours around Leeds for the elderly?

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