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Through the 2008 season, as far as the Associated Press awards go that has happened once.

In 2003, the Associated Press awarded their Offensive Player of the Year award to Jamal Lewis and their Defensive Player of the Year award to Ray Lewis, both of the Baltimore Ravens.

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Q: Has any nfl team had offensive and defensive player of year in same season?
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How long can an offensive player stay in the key for?

Three seconds, same way for a defensive player, both are allowed only three seconds in the key.

How many defensive player on the football field?

11. Same as offense.

Can a college football team have two players with the same number?

Yes. However, two players with the same number cannot be on the field at the same time. Therefore, if a team has to give the same number to two players, they almost always have one offensive player and one defensive player share the number.

How do you 'foul' in basketball?

A foul in basketball can range from two different kinds: offensive and defensive fouls, as well as technical fouls. Offensive fouls are fouls when you are on the offensive end, like pushing someone to the side to shoot or pushing slapping someone on the arm to get to the basket. Defensive fouls are the same, but on the defensive end. Technical fouls are called when you do something improper in basketball. For instance, yelling at the referee, throwing the basketball in the stands, and yelling at other players will result in technical fouls. There are offensive and defensive fouls in basketball. A defensive foul occurs when a defender makes contact with the player in possession. An offensive foul occurs when the player with the ball makes contact with a defender who's arms are inside his body. If an offensive player runs into a defensive player whose position is established (both feet are planted) or the offensive player drops his shoulder or pushes off with his arm, then the contact is deemed an offensive foul (foul against the offensive player) and is usually called a "charge." Flagrant fouls occur when one player grabs another and pulls him down, or a player is injured as a result of a hard foul. Technical fouls include defensive three-second penalties and, at the discretion of the official, when a player or coach exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct. By definition a foul is "when one player gains an illegal advantage over another through physical contact". In layman's terms, physical contact between two players is not illegal. However, if that contact creates an advantage (as in a shot was affected or a player could not move freely to another position on the court) then it is deemed a foul. If you are Thomas Robinson from the University of Kansas apparently all you have to do to be called for a foul is be on the court.

NBA Defensive Player of the Year and MVP same year?

Michael Jordan in 1988

How can a defensive hockey player score a goal?

In the same ways as any player. If they can hit the puck into the goal, they can score.

In football is a center and a snapper the same player?

Yes they are the same, their job is to hand the ball to the quarterback and block defensive linemen.

What happens if there are two people in the end zone at the same time when the disc is caught?

There can be any number of people in the end zone when the disc is caught in ultimate Frisbee; the game would continue as normal. Now, if an offensive and defensive player both grab a disc in the end zone, then the play would go to the offensive player.

Why does the Notre Dame football team have duplicate jersey numbers?

Simply there is no rule against it. Popular numbers are desired by multiple players. Both players with the same number can not be on the field at the same time however. So generally when a number is duplicated one goes to an offensive player and one to a defensive player.

In football How do you get half of a sack?

When two players reach the quarterback at the same time and make the tackle, the sack is divided between the two players. Same with tackles ... you might see in the game's statistics where a defensive player had 5.5 tackles. This is because, when two players are responsible for bringing the ball carrier down, regardless of whether it is the quarterback or another offensive player, the sack/tackle is divided between the two defensive players.

Why do defensive linemen have to put one hand on the ground in the NFL game?

They don't, there is no rule that states they have to. One reason the defensive lineman gets in a three point stance (one hand on the ground) is to put him on the same level as the offensive lineman, who also is in a three point stance. One of the keys of being able to keep the offensive lineman from controlling a defensive lineman is for the defensive lineman to have a lower center of gravity. If the offensive lineman can get low on a defensive lineman he can pretty much move him anywhere he wants. This is particularly important on running plays where the offensive line is to trying to open a 'hole' for the running back to run through.

What positions play on the defensive line?

Nose tackle/nose guard defensive tackle & defensive end. Nose tackle or nose guard same position it when lineman gets in stance in front of center or slightly off center. Defensive tackle usually lines up anywhere between centers outside shoulder & offensive tackles inside shoulder & defensive ends usually line up on either offensive tackles or tight ends outside shoulder.

What is the difference between a nose guard and a nose tackle?

The positions are functionally interchangable in that both positions line up "nose-to-nose" with the middle offensive lineman, the Center; the difference comes in why and how the player finds himself lined up in this manner.A normal four-man defensive line generally lines up against a normal five-man offensive line as follows ("o" = offensive linemen, including "O", the Center; "x" = defensive linemen; underscores "_" = gaps):o_o_O_o_o_x_x_x_x_That is, the defensive linemen line up in the gaps between the offensive linemen.Some run defenses call for a five-man defensive line. Adding a defensive linemen makes the number of offensive and defensive linemen the same, allowing the defensive linemen to line up directly over their offensive counterparts. The additional defensive lineman (shown as the capitalized "X" below) brought in to line up *nose*-to-nose with the Center in a five-man defensive line is properly referred to as a *NOSE GUARD*:o_o_O_o_ox_x_X_x_xWhen a defensive formation calls for a three-man defensive line, one of the DTs leaves the field, leaving one DT and two defensive ends on the defensive line:o_o_O_o_o_x_x___x_To fill the large gap, the remaining DT (see the bolded "x" below) shifts over and lines up directly over the Center to cover the territory normally covered by he and the absent DT together:o_o_O_o_o_x__x__x_A defensive *tackle* who is playing in a formation that requires him to line up *nose*-to-nose with the Center is properly referred to as a *NOSE TACKLE* for plays in which he has shifted in this manner.

Which nba player has won the nba mvp the nba finals mvp and the nba defensive player of the year award in the same year?

Hakeem Olajuwon - 1994

What player has played in all four divisions in same season?

tony cottie

Which NBA player has won the NBA mvp and the finals mvp in the same season?

LBJ-2011-12 NBA Season

What is a crackback penalty in football?

The term 'crackback' refers to a type of block done by an offensive pass receiver or running back (afterwards referred to as the 'blocker') that is aligned laterally outside of the offensive tackle. The blocker will go in motion, towards the tackle, and when the ball is snapped will run at and make a block on a defensive player that is on or near the line of scrimmage. The block can be very effective if the defensive player is not 'aware of his surroundings' as he will be looking into the offensive backfield and never see the blocker whose responsibility is to take him out of the play.While the block can be very effective it can also be very devastating. The blocker has a running start and is hitting a defensive player who is usually not expecting to get hit. So there is a rule on the books (NFL) that states if an offensive player makes this type of block, contact with the defensive player must be made at waist height or above if the blocker, in motion towards the offensive tackle, is more than two yards away, laterally, from the offensive tackle at the time of the snap.One other clause within this rule states that the block is not illegal if made five yards or more down field from the line of scrimmage or five yards or more behind from the line of scrimmage.If the 'crackback' block is made below the waist and the blocker was two or more yards outside of the tackle at the time of the snap, a 15 yard penalty is assessed for an 'illegal crackback block'.The gist of the rule is to protect a defensive player's legs as this block is made within a fraction of a second after the ball is snapped.An example where a crackback block would be used is on a running play that is run wide laterally, such as a sweep. When the ball is snapped, the defensive player (usually a linebacker or defensive end) will see the running back that will take the handoff moving laterally and will do the same only to be met by the blocker in motion.

Has a defensive player ever made two unassisted put outs in the same inning from two different positions?

No, I wish! that would be the best

What NFL player was traded more than once in the same season?

Randy Moss

Who was the last Premiership player before Ronaldo to win PFA Young Player of the year and player of the year in the same season?

Andy Gray

What is a double switch in baseball?

The double switch allows a manager to make a pitching substitution and defensive (fielding) substitution while at the same time improving the offensive (batting) lineup of a team. -Eric

What NHL player has won both Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same season?

Stephen Brugge

Which NBA player have won the NBA mvp and the NBA title the same season?

Lebron James

Do all defensive driving classes in AZ cost the same?


What football position should you play at 250 pounds 6'1 and 14 years old?

offensive line man at that age and size then as you get older if you stay around the same size move to defensive back