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Q: Has any coach ever coached in the NFL and Major League Baseball?
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Did Catfish Hunter ever coach for the Texas Rangers?

No, he did not. Catfish Hunter played Major League baseball from 1965-1979, he never coached or managed.

Who was the first black coach of Major League Baseball?

05-29-1962, Buck O'Neil was the first major league baseball coach

What is the average salary of a major league baseball coach -?

a lot of money

Who was the last major league baseball player-coach?

pete rose

Who coached the most major league baseball games?

Sparky Anderson 1970-78 with the Reds, 1979-95 with the Tigers...Manny Mota has been listed as a coach for the Dodgers since 1980, making the 2010 season the 31st consecutive year in which Mota has coached for the team...

What was the name of the coach that coached Barcelona in the 2008 Champions league?

It was the dutch man frank Raijkard.

When did Dallas Green coach the eagles?

No. Dallas Green was a major league baseball manager.

What is the average salary of an major league baseball first base coach?


What are the Similarities between Major League Baseball minor league baseball and college baseball?

they all use a bat, a baseball, 9 positions, a coach, a field, bases, and uniforms

How much does a Major League Baseball third base coach make?

100 Mill on average

Who did Fritz Pollard coach for?

Fritz Pollard was the first African-American coach in the National Football League. He coached the Chicago Black Hawks in the 1920s.

Can a major league baseball coach have the rules and regulations book on the field during a regular game?

Yes they can I play baseball and my coach can have rules and regulation books on the field

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