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No, The New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup 2004 and the New York Knicks lost in the NBA finals to the Houston Rockets in 2003-2004.

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Q: Has any city ever won the NHL Stanley Cup and NBA Finals in the same year?
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Have the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers ever played each other in the Stanley Cup finals?

No, as it is not possible for teams of the same conference (and currently of the same division) to ever meet in the finals round.

Have the same 2 teams from the previous season ever met in the Stanley cup finals?

yes, red wings and penguins have met in the Stanley cup before.

What was the last city to win two championships in the same city?

Pittsburgh...superbowl and Stanley cup

Has any city ever won Stanley Cup and Super Bowl in same year?

Yes. The Pittsburgh Steelers won Superbowl 43 in Feb. 2009, and the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup in June, 2009.

Who one the Stanley cup and why?

pitsburgh penguins one the Stanley cup because they had more heart and determinatin , plus the did not want to loose to the same team that they lost last year in the stnley cup finals

In NHL hockey can 2 teams in the same conference make it to the Stanley cup final?

this used to be possible, but now the Stanley Cup Finals are between an eastern conference team and a western conference team

Is there any city that has won the Stanley cup and the world series in the same year?


Have the same two teams ever had a rematch in the Stanley Cup Finals two years in a row?

The last time two teams rematched in the Stanley Cup Finals was in 2009 when the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings in 7 games. In 2008 Detroit had defeated Pittsburgh in 6 games. It was the first back-to-back rematch since 1984 between the Edmonton Oilers and New York Islanders, who likewise split their two meetings (NYI-1983, EDM-1984). In all, Finals teams have rematched for the Stanley Cup nine times since 1932.

What city won super bowl world series and Stanley cup in same year?


What comes first finals or chamiopnships?

they are both the same, people just rather say finals than champianship

How do you spell the name Stanley in French?

Stanley is spelled the same in French as it is in English

Did they ever replace the Stanley cup?

No. They retire tiers when it gets full but it's been the same cup throughout all it's mishaps.

Is first round and quarter finals the same thing?

Not usually, although it could be possible. Quarter finals consist of eightcontestants in four matches,andprecede semi finals and a final. If there are only eight contestants in the whole comptetion then the first round will effectively be the same as the quarter finals. However, if there are more contestants initially, there could be a first round, second round etc. before the quarter finals, which is quite often the case. So usually, the first round and quarter finals are not the same thing.

Has a NHL team and NFL team from the same city ever won a championship in the same year?

Pittsburgh, 2009.

Did any city ever win the NHL and NFL championships in the same year?

yes, Pittsburgh steelers and the Pittsburgh penguins both won championship titles in the same year which was 2009, no other city has ever done this before.

Has any city ever won the MLB NHL NFL and NBA titles in the same year?

No, never in the same year.

Are the Stanley cup and Stanley park both named after the same person?

Yes, the Stanley Cup was named after Fredrick Stanley (Lord Stanley of Preston). He bought the cup, and the (1,000 acre) Stanley Park in Canada, is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor General of Canada.

What is unusual about the name Stanley Yelnats?

They are the same name

How does a team advance to quarter finals if two teams get the same points in euro 2012?

Considering that their are 8 teams in the quarter finals and their are 4 groups, two teams from each group advance to the quarter finals.

Has any city had both a super bowl and Stanley cup champ in the same year?

Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) in 2008-09

Who was the last player to win the MVP and NBA finals in the same year?

Tim Duncan won both the MVP and Finals MVP in the 2002-03 Season

Was there ever two hat tricks in one hockey game?

Crosby and ovechkin both had a hat trick in the same game in game 2 of the 2009 Stanley cup playoffs.

Were JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley once the same company?


How many times has the Stanley Cup been won by the same team?

The Montreal Canadiens - 24 Stanley Cup victories.

Have any teams that play for the same city win the super bowl and nhl win in the same year besides the year of 2009?

No. 2009 is the only year that a city (Pittsburgh Pa) was able to hoist the Lombardi Trophy (The Steelers) and Lord Stanley's Cup (The Penguins) in victory.