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No one has died as a direct result of fighting in the UFC.

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Q: Has any body died from fighting in the UFC?
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Is ufc wrestling?

Wrestling, as you would see in the olympics, etc, is a part of UFC fighting, but UFC fighting also contains other elements of fighting, including kickboxing and various styles of groundfighting. If you are asking if the UFC is the same as WWE, no, it is not scripted in any way.

Is there youth UFC fighting?

There are not any youth UFC divisions. In order to fight in the UFC, you must be of legal age, trained and contracted.

Are there any UFC games out for ps2?

Yes UFC: Sudden Impact & Ultimate Fighting Championship: Throwdown

Has anyone died in UFC?

No fighter has ever died while fighting in the octagon during a UFC event. Evan Tanner, however, did pass away while camping in the desert in 2008. Tanner was a former UFC middleweight champion. For the rest of the sport of mixed-martial arts, I am not sure of any fatalities.

Is the UFC real or fake?

The UFC is an MMA promotion. Mixed Martial Arts is the ultimate form of combat where you use striking (both arms and legs), grappling (mostly jujitsu) wrestling and any other form of fighting. UFC is real combat

What is the qualifications to be a UFC fighter?

You don't really need any educational qualifications to be a UFC fighter. You need to be trained in fighting skills like Boxing, Kicking, Grappling (Wrestling), other martial arts like Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai etc. UFC is a real fighting event where you will get dangerously hurt if you take up a fight without the proper and required training.

Can you enter the UFC without having a diploma?

Sure, you can. UFC is a Mixed Martial Arts fighting promotion. They do not expect you to have any sort of formal education or degree to be a part of their organization. They hire the best fighters and organize matches that would entertain audience. So, if you are a talented fighter, you can enter the UFC irrespective of whether you have a diploma or not.

How has boxing evolved?

Boxing has evolved now, before boxing was a big thing, you could only use your hands, weight and power. Now it has had alot of interest lost, beucase of ufc. UFC is the new generation of boxing, it is mixed martial arts, you can box, kick box, karate, any fighting style there is you can use it. except for wepon fighting.

Are there any online UFC games?

not really no

Is the UFC making any video games for xbox 360?

As of Oct. 09, UFC: Undisputed is on the Xbox 360.

Is there any UFC fighter as an extra in the movie 300?


Does Dana White own any of the UFC?


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