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Under the current rules, it's impossible. A pitcher doesn't get credit for a perfect game unless he pitches the entire game and allows no baserunners. There have been a few cases where a pitcher went 9 perfect innings then lost the game in extra innings. It used to be the case where if a pitcher pitched nine perfect innings, he would get credit for a perfect game even if he allowed baserunners in extra innings. However, these games are no longer officially credited as perfect games.

On May 26, 1959, Pittsburgh Pirate Harvey Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings but gave up an error in the 13th. The Pirates lost to the Milwaukee Braves 3-0.

On June 3, 1995, Montreal Expo Pedro Martinez pitched 9 perfect innings but gave up a hit in the 10th. The Expos beat the San Diego Padres 1-0.

It is possible to throw a no-hitter but still lose the game. New York Yankee Andy Hawkins and Boston Red Sox Matt Young both lost games in the early 90's without giving up a hit. The runs came as a result of errors by other team members.

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Q: Has any baseball player pitched a perfect game and lost?
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Who pitched the first perfect Major League Baseball game?

The first Major League perfect game was pitched by Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880.

How did Philadelphia ace Roy Halladay succeed in throwing 20 perfect games in Major League Baseball?

He only pitched one perfect game, It was the 20th perfect game ever pitched in MLB history.

If a pitcher pitched a perfect game in a professional baseball game how many batters would he catch?


Who pitched a perfect game in 1956?

Don Larsen pitched a perfect game in the World Series in 1956.

Can there be a walk in a no hitter?

Yes. A no hitter, by definition, is a pitched game where no opposing player reaches base by means of a base hit. A walk will break up a perfect game. A perfect game is a pitched game where no opposing player reaches base by any means. A walk or hit by pitch or error ends a perfect game but does not end a no hitter.

Who pitched a perfect baseball game on October 8 1956?

Don Larsen of the new york yankee's

Who pitched a perfect game against the New York Yankees?

No one has ever pitched a perfect game against the New York Yankees.

Who pitched the perfect game in 1948 World Series?

No one pitched a perfect game in the 1948 World Series. Don Larsen of the New York Yankees pitched a perfect game in the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What happened yesterday that was historical in baseball?

19th perfect game ever pitched by Dallas Braeden for the Oakland A's.....

Has Andy Pettitte ever pitched a perfect game?

No, he has not.

What was the last perfect game pitched before Randy Johnson's perfect game?

David Cone's in '99

How do you use pitched in a sentence?

The boy pitched a perfect game last weekend. That man is pitching as fast as lightning. At baseball practice, I pitched for almost an hour. That man pitched in the major leagues for 22 years.

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