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Arizona was the first to beat three No 1 seed teams in a NCAA Tournament.

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Q: Has another team ever beaten three other No 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament?
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In the NCAA tournament how many 12 seeds have beaten 5 seeds?

Since 1985 when the NCAA Turnament expanded to 64 teams the No. 12 seed has beaten the number 5 seed 35 times. Or about 1 out of three.

Did a Number 15 seed ever beaten a number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament?

No because the 1 seed faces the 16 seed, but 1 seeds are 112-0 in games against 16 seeds.

What has Aphrodite beaten?

Aphrodite can not be beaten, as she sows the seeds of love on everything on Earth.

What seed in the ncaa tournament has never lost in the first round since the tournament went to 64 teams?

The #1 seeds are 108-0 against #16 seeds in the NCAA tournament.

Who has the most 1 seeds in NCAA tournament history?


Rank vs. seed in tennis?

Rank refers to a person's overall status in a certain section, state, nation, or even the world. Ranking is just the simple lineup of who is in what position basically classifying people in order of skill level. Seed on the other hand is a person's skill level in a tournament in comparison to the other players only in that tournament. For example if the 2, 10, 11,12,15, and 17 ranked players are playing in a tournament in a particular section and there are 6 seeds designated for the tournament, these 6 players would be the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 seeds(respectively) in the tournament. All the other players in the tournament will be unseeded.

How many NCAA tournament games have 14 seeds won?


How many number 1 seeds have won the NCAA tournament?


Who has most number one seeds in NCAA basketball tournament?


What team has had the most number one seeds in the NCAA basketball tournament?


What first seed NCAA team has not won one game in March Madness?

One seeds have always beaten the 16 seeds.

What team has the most number 1 NCAA tournament seeds?

As of the 2011 tournament, Duke and North Carolina are now tied with 13 each.

What were the number one seeds for the 2008 ncaa tournament?

Kansas, UNC, UCLA, Memphis

What team beat 3 number one seeds ina single tournament?


Has a number 16 seat beat a number 1 seat in the ncaa basketball tournament?

No, but 15 seeds have beat 2 seeds before.

How many seeds are in the NCAA tournament 64 or 65?

As of now, there are 65 teams in the tournament. Two teams (generally considered to be the worst in the tournament) play an "opening round" game. The winner gets the fourth 16 seed in the first round of the tournament.

Has a team ever beat 3 number 1 seeds in a NCAA basketball tournament?

Villanova,Arizona Arizona is the only team to beat three number one seeds in the tournament. This was in 1997 when they beat Kansas, UNC and Kentucky, and went on to become the only number four seed to ever win the tournament.

What are tennis seeds?

A seed is placed in a particular place in the draw. The first seed is always on top, the first on the list, and the second seed on the bottom of the list. seeds are determined by your ranking. so you could be ranked 1,000 out of 10,000 people but still be the first seed if you are have the highest rank in that tournament. the other seeds after 2 can be placed anywhere else and usually dont have to play another seed in the first round.

How many overall 1 seeds have lost in the 2nd round of the NCAA basketball tournament?


What has been the most amount of double digit seeds in the sweet 16 in the NCAA basketball tournament?

Since 1979, 56 double digit seeds have made it to the sweet 16. It is a relatively common occurrence with the amount of upsets associated with the tournament. The most double digit seeds to make it to the sweet 16 was in 1999 as 5 seeds of 10 or more made it.

How many teams are in the 2011 NCAA tournament?

There are 68 teams in the 2011 NCAA Tournament There were four extra teams to see who would get the 12 seeds in each section.

How many times has a 12 seed and 13 seed played each other in ncaa tournament?

Through 2013, there have been11 games in the NCAA men's basketball tournament that were played between #12 and #13 seeds. The #12 seeds have won eight of these games, but the sole 2013 occasion was won by #13 LaSalleover #12 Mississippi (Ole Miss).

What is another name for a seeds stored food?

Another name for a seeds stored food is the endosperm.

How often does the number one seed win the ncca basketball tournament?

Since seeding began in 1979, 19 of the champions were #1 seeds. 2008 is the only year in which all four #1 seeds made it to the Final Four. (This is as through the 2012 tournament.)

How many number seeds lost their own tournament and still won the NCAA Men's championship?