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Yes. As a general rule, players with a uniform number of 50-79 or 90-99 are not permitted to catch the ball. However, there are scenarios where it is eligible. The main occurrence requires the lineman to declare their intention to catch the ball to the referee, who then makes a stadium wide announcement. Additionally, an offensive lineman can take possession of a fumble and score a touchdown, under certain circumstances.

Notable examples:

  1. Monday Night Miracle: As part of the Jets comeback, offensive tackle Jumbo Elliot caught a 3-yard, game-tying touchdown pass.
  2. Offensive tackle Anthony Munoz caught 7 passes, 4 of which were touchdowns during his career.
  3. Offensive Guard Mitch Frerotte scored 3 touchdowns times in one season with the Buffalo Bills
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Q: Has an offensive lineman ever scored a touchdown in the NFL?
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